Little Hats, Big Hearts

Hi Friends,

Just wanted to share a piece of mail we received from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA) asking for our greater fiber community’s help. They, in connection with The Children’s Heart Foundation, are collecting red knitted or crocheted baby hats (in December and the first half of January) to be distributed to babies born in hospitals across the country during February, which is American Heart Month. This endeavor is to raise awareness around congenital heart defects–the most common birth defects in the United States.

The AHA/ASA is seeking volunteers who can help them by making some hats to send to hospitals throughout our state. Last year, they had 11 participating hospitals in North Carolina and would like to increase that number this year. With our greater fiber community’s help,¬†the allotted time, and the giving ingenuity of our stash-busting friends, I believe they can (WE CAN) do it.

Attached as an image to this post, you will find the flyer we received asking for our help. It has the baby hat requirements (red, washable fiber, keep it simple, etc.) as well as some additional information. If you’d like to participate, please send hats by January 15 to:

Contact Info:
Kacie Kennedy
Health Strategies Coordinator
Little Hats, Big Hearts
American Heart Association
3131 RDU Center Drive, Suite 100
Morrisville, NC 27560

Kacie Kennedy’s flyer also lists her as a contact if you (as part of our greater fiber community across the USA) want your hats to go to a hospital in your state. She will “hook” you up!ūüôā

Peaceful stitching with hands and hearts, y’all!


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Save Big When You Shop “Small”

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

“It’s no longer Thanksgiving,” you say. Ohhhh, but it is! It’s always Thanksgiving around The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For. We live, work, and play with an attitude of gratitude. Our families, friends, and fiber community (both near and extended) are always reasons to feel joy and thanksgiving.

That being said, even though we are spending some much needed time with our families, we know you may be out energetically shopping for YOUR loved ones. Therefore, we are participating in Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday via our online shop by offering 25% off our regularly-priced patterns and hand-dyed yarns…but only via our eShop¬†and only Saturday through Monday.¬†Just use coupon code SMALLISBIG25 during the checkout process.

Our sale includes all our customer favorites:¬†Fifty Shades of Gradient, SW Merino – Fingering, Merino Bamboo – Fingering, Cashmere Silk – Fingering, Color Play Kits, Freckles – Fingering, Walkabout – Fingering, and Roving. We’ve even included our Fibre Studio Exclusives like our Keep Pounding Yarn Club, The Doodler Shawl Kit, Mosaic Stitch Kits, and Peruvian Tweed.

And, if you’re looking for those very special bargains, please take a look at our inventory-reduction Sale Sale Sale¬†for totally “twisted” savings on fiber kits, purse accessories, and soft- and hard-back pattern books…most of which are on sale at 50% off.

Many of our regular customers visit our “petite” retail space and often forget the entire range of color ways and fiber choices we offer because we don’t always have every option on our shelves. If you haven’t taken the time to peruse our eShop lately, now is a great¬†time to do so. Remember: If we don’t have it in stock, we WILL dye it for you.

This three-day cyber sale is over at 11:59pm on Monday, November 28.

Peaceful stitching and being with those you love, y’all!

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SAFF ‘n Staff

We are in count down mode! It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for–the Southeast Animal Fiber Fair is here!

Held from October 28-30 at the WNC Agricultural Center in Fletcher, North Carolina, you can find us in the Davis Arena just down from the cafe in Booth 3. Here are the driving directions and fairgrounds venue map for reference.

We are very excited about our SAFF 2016 (Mountain Thistle) color way, which is not yet available in the studio but will be available at our SAFF booth. The new color way will be available in a Fifty Shades of Gradient cake, Walkabout – Fingering, Cashmere Silk – Fingering, SW Merino – Fingering, a Color Play Kit six-skein set, AND the Multi-Textured Shawl Kit (containing Nylon Ribbon, SW Merino – Bulky, Brushed Mohair, Baby Loopi, Grande Loopi, and Thick/Thin Nubby fibers). Come by our booth to get your Fibre Studio exclusive!

The lovely SAFF 2016 gradient moves from a silvery blue to sage to plum to purple and knits up beautifully. Our employee Glenda test knit the newest shawl pattern for designer Brianna K called Dawn to Dusk in our SAFF 2016 color (above top left). While the pattern called for a smaller skein, Glenda just kept repeating the pattern until she used the entire cake and created a generously-sized shawl, which showcased all the colors in the gradient.

We were really excited to see that the designer ALSO used our Fifty Shades of Gradient in color way Mountaineer for her project (above top right). Note: Her pattern is available on Ravelry through October 30 for 40% off. See her project notes for promo code and further details.

Store Hours Update: Due to the majority of our staff visiting SAFF this weekend, the Fibre Studio will NOT be open to the public until Wednesday, November 2 from 10am-2pm (limited hours) for Open Knit & Crochet in the studio. (Feel free to bring a brown bag lunch if you’d like to come and knit and share your SAFF treasures with us.)¬†

We will reopen for normal business hours from Thursday to Friday (Nov 3-4), from 10am to 5pm as well as the first Saturday (Nov 5), from 10am to 4pm for Sit & Spin Saturdays and for Stephen West MKAL participants.

Safe travels to SAFF and happy stitching, y’all!


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SAFF, Spinning and Stitches

Hey Everyone! It’s that time of year when the¬†area’s fiber community is buzzing with activities. We wanted to share a few of them with you.

Mosaic Stitch Patterns & Kits
We’ve identified three beautiful mosaic stitch shawl patterns¬†(all use¬†the same ratio of two contrasting colors of yarn) and created kits for them, which are available on our eShop here. The patterns are Eifelgold by Melanie Berg, The Girl in Me by Melanie Berg, and Walk in the Woods by Lisa Hannes. The mosaic stitch is created simply by using the slip stitch in various places to create right angles. In all three shawls, only one color is worked at a time so the patterns are interesting without being frustrating or complicated.


Note: Because the total yardage required for these shawls is a nice even eight ounces, buying two 8-ounce skeins in contrasting colors allows the maker(s) to get TWO of these lovely shawls knit from two skeins of yarn. What a great mini KAL opportunity for you and a friend or family member to knit shawls together, which result in complementary but not matching shawls. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and November being Memory Awareness Month, these shawls provide another way to buddy up WITH or knit FOR someone you care about.

All About That Bass SAFF!
The Southeast Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF) is almost here! It will be held¬†October 28-30 at the WNC Agricultural Center in Fletcher, North Carolina. We wanted to post some logistics information like driving directions and fairgrounds venue map¬†for those of you who plan to attend. For those of you who had not planned to attend, PLEASE change your mind! Ha! It’s just such a great opportunity to play, browse, and buy your favorite supplies, notions and yarns…some of which will only be available at the fair. It’s also a great way to meet and greet the woolly animals and artisans who actually produce these products we love so much.

For this 2016 fair, The Fibre Studio will be located in the Davis Arena. While it is NOT¬†the Debbie Davis Arena :o) we are sure happy to be placed there. We will be in Booth¬†3 right down the same row¬†from the cafe. Stay tuned as there will be more to come…

Sit & Spin Saturdays
Sit & Spin Saturdays have begun at The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For. We welcome spinners on the first Saturday of each month to bring their wheels, roving, and even a bag lunch if desired to our studio to share your spinning projects and interests with other like-minded spinners. All skill levels welcome. The Fibre Studio is open on the first Saturday of the month, from 10am to 4pm. We update these activities via Facebook.

Enjoy the beautiful fall colors and happy stitching, y’all!

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Putting the Mmm in MKAL

Considering the myriad projects and colors available for fiber makers, it is often difficult to choose which projects should receive our fervent commitment. Sometimes it is the project that speaks to us; sometimes, the yarn.

When a project or knit along is marketed as a mystery, falling in love with the project is just not possible. It’s all about the yarn…mixed with a little hope and a little intrigue.


On September 1, knitwear designer Laura Aylor (of First Point of Libra fame) began¬†a new Summer’s End MKAL called Counter Current. The Fibre Studio¬†was certainly intrigued. However, with the August launch of four new yarn kits¬†(Keep Pounding, SOCKtober, My Cryptonite, Live Long & Prosper) and the planned September trips to the Georgia FiberFest, Stephen West in BMYS, and the Charlotte Yarn Crawl, we didn’t feel we could fully¬†embrace a mystery too.

Until we dyed the yarn. Sigh.

We dyed a few Counter Current kits just in case anyone wanted to dip their toe in that riptide of yarn. But what actually happened was we fell in love with the chosen colors when we put them together. Our Color Play Kit is called Starry Night and contains twelve ounces of SW Merino РFingering yarn in six, 1-2-3 skeins (two 1-ounce skeins, two 2-ounce skeins, two 3-ounce skeins hence 1-2-3), which is perfect for the Laura Aylor project.

The rich tonal colors include Lavender, Aquamarine, Sky, Teal, Hubble, and Twilight. The skeins are rebelliously gradient (counter culture in our Counter Current kit, here) in that they pull from a palette of blue hues but are not just a lighter/darker version of the color beside it.

How about you? Have any recent projects gotten under your skin? Were you caught in a color current¬†from which you don’t WANT to escape?


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Deep Space…Mine!

For the past two months, we have been following two knitworthy patterns that are out of this world — the publication of My Cryptonite and Beastkeeper.

Crypto Live Long Photo

(L to R) Beastkeeper | My Cryptonite

Every knitter has his or her cryptonite ‚ÄĒ an addictive stitch, irresistible yarn, or shawl shape that becomes an obsession.¬†Designed by Melanie Berg, My Cryptonite is a generously-sized triangle shawl combines some of the designer‚Äôs favorite infatuations: thin stripes, funky lace, and crazily contrasting blocks of color.

The sideways construction creates an asymmetrical ‚Äúspine‚ÄĚ throughout the shawl, and the combination of textures and colors will make your knees weak!¬†Of course, the only way to save yourself is to cast on immediately!

Completed shawl measures 102 inches wide by 43 inches deep after blocking.

The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For has created six, YES SIX, new Triple Treats (aka color combinations) in our Walkabout ‚Äď Fingering yarn to really allow you to indulge your obsession. These kits can be purchased on our eShop here. Fun and dynamic, we are sure your cryptonite is found in one of our new¬†color combinations.

Crypto Live Long Photo 02

(L & R) My Cryptonite Color Kits | Live Long & Prosper Colors


It is the 50th anniversary of the show Star Trek, produced by none other than Lucy…as in I Love Lucy (aka Lucille ball of Desilu Productions). ¬†Yes, in the mid-1960’s, Lucy took a chance on a show that no one thought would be noticed. It became a cult classic with a world-wide following.

Our resident Trekkies have been avidly discussing project and color way options for months. We began dyeing the colors light years ago, but the right project had just not presented itself. Finally THAT project dropped in the form of the Beastkeeper  by designer Justyna Lorkowska.

Beastkeeper is a simple but stylish shawl and is easy to knit and fun to wear. The whole body is worked in garter stitch with colorful stripes which give a nice touch and make the knitting interesting.

Completed shawl measures 65 inches wide and 15 inches deep at center spine after blocking.

This project is perfect for our Live Long & Prosper Kit or one of our other Five-Skein Color Play Kits combined with one of our Main Squeezes in SW Merino ‚Äď Fingering yarn.

Live long and prosper, even after you find your cryptonite, y’all!


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Shawls ‘n Crawls, Y’all

There is just a slight, very slight, change in the temperatures…a slight cooling off that hints the autumn season is approaching. However, the very opposite is happening on the yarn scene. Things are heating up around here!

The Charlotte Area Yarn Crawl is coming!  The 2016 crawl will take place from Friday, September 23 through Saturday, October 1, 2016. More info soon to come, but empty out those project bags and make room in your stash because the new color ways and projects are fabEWElous!

Shawl Capture

(L to R) Beastkeeper | BitterBlue | My Cryptonite

We have been eagerly anticipating several¬†new shawl patterns, which have just been released. Today we’d like to highlight¬†Beastkeeper by Justyna Lorkowska. This is an easy-to-knit garter stitch shawl, which uses a five-skein color play kit along with a main color. The color options are endless, and we’ve recommended some of them on our pattern page.

We love it when our customers share their projects with us. We received a beautiful post on our Ravelry page from grumpygirl73 about her BitterBlue shawl by Barbara Benson. Mandy knit her version of the shawl in Fifty Shades of Gradient in color way Dark Side of the Rainbow. What’s so interesting about this shawl pattern is it uses a gradient yarn combined with gradient beads. We’ve seen many patterns that utilize two gradient yarns or use¬†color play kits simultaneously, but this unique pattern allows the beads to create the depth, texture, and reverse striping effect.

Uranium, Day Glow, the Sun, Particles, Blow Pop, and Red Fox. What do these terms have in common? Perhaps one of these will be your cryptonite. We have exciting new colors that will blow your mind (pun intended), and we will share later this week.

Peaceful stitching, y’all!

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