Old Glory

We are unveiling a new line of yarn that we are calling Freckles.   It is speckle dyed on our SW Merino Fingering yarn.  We think the name is perfect, after all, it is made in America and dyed the south. Our first color is Old Glory and it goes perfectly with our Fifty Shades of Gradient and our Color Play Kit in the same color.  Just in time for the Fourth of July!

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Knit to Win!

Mairlynd Any Shawl KAL 01

Yes, my friends. You read that correctly. You can win prizes just by knitting (and sharing your work).

During our upcoming June 18 World Wide Knit in Public and Anniversary Event, we are going to have prizes drawn on the half hour between 1-6pm. You CAN stack the deck to increase your chances of winning fabulous prizes like a cake of 50 Shades of Gradient yarn, grab bags, a 40% off voucher for any regular price item currently available in the studio, or a Melanie Berg (@Mairlynd) pattern of your choosing.

“How do I increase my chances of winning?” you ask. Well, folks, you can do the following:

1. For every week you show us your Melanie Berg (@Mairlynd) Knit Any Shawl KAL Work in Progress on The Fibre Studio’s Ravelry KAL discussion board, your name goes into the kitty. Note: Names will only be entered once per week per person.
2. If you wear or bring your Melanie Berg shawl to the event, your name goes into the kitty.
3. If you buy yarn during the event, your name goes into the kitty for each sku you purchase.
4. If you wear a shawl, sweater, scarf, or other item made from The Fibre Studio yarn, your name goes into the kitty…once so don’t bring your entire wardrobe…well, unless you want to do so. Ha!
5. If you are tagged by one of The Fibre Studio employees as a Sample Gallery Model (i.e. we want a picture of YOUR project for our website), your name goes into the kitty. Each attending employee will select only one model.
6. If you win, you must be in attendance at the time of the drawing. Drawing times are: 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm, and 5:30pm.

Upload those WIPs to our Ravelry page; the payoff is big, Huge, GINORMOUS. Of course, we hope to see you at our event. Did I mention there would be cake–both yarn AND the frosted kind!?

Click here for additional information about the event.

Happy stitching, y’all!






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Unraveled: Fiber Q&A 02

In our last edition of Unraveled: Fiber Q&A 01, we discussed fiber colorfastness and knitting bouclé purls.  In this edition, we want to discuss winding fluffy yarns (alpaca, mohair, angora, etc.) as well as carrying two colors of yarn up the edge of a wrap or blanket.

Fluffy Yarn

Question 1:  How do I wind fluffy yarn without leaving so many fibers on my equipment or floating around in the air?

Answer 1:  There are several suggested methods of winding and handling fluffy, fibrous yarns to reduce the amount of loose fibers.  One method is to freeze your skein or cake for a few hours prior to handling. The oils in these fibers will solidify just enough to make winding a breeze. Another method is to use a vegetable- or water-based glycerin on your hands. Hands should be soft, and the glycerin should be rubbed in thoroughly, creating easy movement through the hands without creating friction.  However, wet hands or hands covered in lotions will only leave a nasty deposit on the yarn. The key is using a vegetable- or water-based glycerin and and using less, not more. Lastly, soak your yarn as though you’re going to block it, blot it within a large towel until almost dry, and then wind it. The fibers will flatten and smooth out thus reducing those loose, floaty fibers.

Question 2:  I hate weaving in ends, however, I like knitting with multiple colors and want to do more of it. I’ve heard that some knitters carry multiple strands of yarn without cutting them. How and when can I do this?

Answer 2: When a knitter refers to carrying multiple strands of yarn, they “usually” mean carrying multiple colors up the side of a project.  While there are no hard and fast rules to carrying yarn, there are a few best practices.

If you’re using two colors in a striping pattern where you knit in one color from one side of the project and then back (a two row stripe), it’s an easy matter to just knit the first (edge) stitch in Color A only, then knit the second stitch in Colors A&B together. Proceed to the end and back in Color A only for two rows knit. In row three, when there is a color change just knit the first (edge) stitch in Color B only, then knit the second stitch in Colors A&B together. Proceed to the end and back in Color B only for two additional rows knit. This brings up the second color, without your edge stitch being in a different color than the current striped row, for a more seamless knit edge.

While we don’t recommend carrying more than two colors as the edge or seam will become very bulky, there is another way to reduce the number of ends to weave in.  When coming to the end of a row where there will be a color change, cut the yarn to twice the length you will need to finish current row. Loop the yarn around the second color and bring it back on itself twisting the yarn to get it as thin as possible, as close to the original untwisted yarn thickness. Complete the row and then twist the second color tightly around on itself as well and begin the next row. Your yarn beginning and yarn end have thus already been knit (or woven) into the fabric and you’ve only left to trim the ends.

Were these topics helpful? Please let us know if you have topic suggestions. We want this blog series to benefit our readership so allow your voice to be heard!

Happy stitching, y’all!





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Mairlynd Knit Any Shawl KAL

Mairlynd Any Shawl KAL 2016

(c) @Mairlynd / (c) Melanie Berg

As previously shared, the 2016 Mairlynd (aka designer, Melanie Berg) Knit Any Shawl KAL began Monday, May 9. You can join this Knit-A-Long three different ways:

  1. Visit The Fibre Studio during Wednesday Open Knit/Crochet from 10am to 2pm;
  2. Join The Fibre Studio KAL on Ravelry here; or
  3. Join the Mairlynd Knit Any Shawl KAL on Ravelry here.

Mairlynd is ending their KAL on June 12, however, we are extending our KAL until Saturday, June 18 in order to make it part of our World Wide Knit in Public and First Birthday event in our new dyeing studio location.

We hope you will join us for our KAL as well as our June 18 event to celebrate with us and to show off your Mairlynd projects? Which Melanie Berg patterns have you purchased? What’s on your needles?

Happy stitching, y’all!

P.S. The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For has a new phone number (980-475-4705) so please update your contacts lists accordingly.


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Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!

Fibre Studio Banner KISS JPEG 01Ready?  Set?  Mark your calendars!

Saturday, June 18 is a very special day at The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For.  Yes, it’s World Wide Knit in Public Day (please see Mint Museum Charlotte Knitting Guild Event), but our new dyeing studio is also celebrating its FIRST anniversary.  We just turned ONE!

We are taking the opportunity to combine the two events into one very special celebration.

Who: Knitters, Crocheters, Fiber Artists, Makers…….aka YOU
When: Saturday, June 18, 2016 from 10am ’til 6pm
Where: The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For | 658 Griffith Road, Suite 107 | Charlotte 28217
Details: The Fibre Studio will unveil a new 50 Shades of Gradient color way AND a new pattern during this event. Participants will have opportunities to showcase their Melanie Berg (@Mairlynd) KAL projects. There will be cake! We shall construct a Color Playstation so guests can build their own color play kit. We will welcome a featured guest demonstrating a sock knitting machine. There will be door prizes and giveaways beginning at 1pm. Did I mention there will be cake?

Bring your projects (on needles or to show and tell), your friends, even those non-knitting buddies. As always, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how truly awesome the greater Charlotte area “making” community is…while we celebrate our birthday…and have CAKE!

Happy stitching, y’all!

P.S. The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For has a new phone number (980-475-4705) so please update your contacts lists accordingly.


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Oh Mairlynd!

We love to give shout-outs to those vendors who provide us some of our greatest pleasures. This month, we are supporting one of our favorite designers, Melanie Berg (aka @Mairlynd).

For several years, The Fibre Studio and our customers have ooh’d and aah’d over Melanie’s patterns.  We’ve saved, loved, and purchased her patterns and forwarded her social media posts, usually with the comment,”Have you seen THIS one?!”

We’ve knitted alone and A-Long, all within our small community.  But, hey world…we are branching out!

In support of the annual Mairlynd Any Shawl KAL, to begin next Monday, May 9, we encourage our readership to put the revelry back in Ravelry and join us in person (at our dyeing studio on Wednesdays, from 10am to 2pm) or online at The Fibre Studio Ravelry KAL or alternately join Mairlynd’s Ravelry KAL.

So what’s in YOUR queue from Melanie Berg? It can be a new project or a work in progress!

Have you Rheinlusted over shawls such as On the Spice Market?  Used your 50 Shades of Gradient to move a Spark of Grey into the light of Sunwalker or Solaris? Are you WIP’d by an Ashburn?  Or Perhaps, Perhaps you finished your one-on-one with The Miller’s Daughter and moved on to A Joker and a Thief?

Heno Joker and Thief

We hope you have and hope you will again. There’s no judgment here. What happens at The Fibre Studio stays in the studio…except when it’s on a KAL!

Please visit our Ravelry or Facebook pages to share your project pictures and happy stitching, y’all!




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Unraveled: Fiber Q&A 01

Recently several customers have asked how to handle various situations with yarns–with topics ranging from yarn care  to knitting questions.  One of The Fibre Studio employees suggested this would be a great blog post because the answers may be apropos to other customers or fiber artists.  Hence, Unraveled:  Fiber Q&A–a blog series dedicated to unraveling some of the mysteries and challenges faced by our customers and readers–was born.  We hope these topics prove useful on your fiber journey.

Question 1: When knitting or crocheting a natural, undyed, or light-colored yarn with a brightly-hued yarn, how do I keep the darker yarn color from bleeding into the lighter yarn?

Answer 1: Colorfastness is the term used in the dyeing of textile materials, meaning resistance of the material’s color to fading or running. Bleeding is usually caused when the yarn color was not set during the dyeing process. Many dyers–not The Fibre Studio, of course–save a bit of processing time by not setting the yarn and waiting for the soaking tub to run completely clear before beginning the drying and skeining process.

If you have experienced this with a manufacturer and you have more of their yarn, you can set the yarn yourself by soaking the skein in a plastic, glass, or other non-reactive container with water and vinegar (1 gallon water to 1/3 cup vinegar ratio is about right) for 20-30 minutes.  Remove the yarn, rinse out this solution, and if the water runs clear, the color is set.  Of course, this is extra work and customers should NOT have to do this. However, it is worth the extra work to not have your hands, needles, project, and clothing ruined by a yarn whose colorfastness was not ensured in process.

Boucle Shoulder Cozy

Question 2: When I knit a bouclé, the pretty loops are flattened and aren’t as noticeable as they were in the shop sample I saw.  Why?

Answer 2:  By definition, the act of creating a knit stitch is creating a smooth flat stitch. These stitches are soft to the touch and allow integrated pattern to be easily seen.  If your goal is the opposite–you want fluffy, bumpy stitches–simply purl the bouclé on the right side/pattern rows.  Don’t knit.  The yarn’s loops and bumps just jump out at you and make your yarn and pattern detail pop!

Until next time, peaceful stitching, y’all!




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