A Love Poem (or Two) For You

Two Hearts are red.
Violets Are Blue.
We’ve got a color,
Just perfect for you.

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to show you some of the goodies we’ve skeined and labeled just in time for our Valentine’s Day Sale. Customers will receive a 15% off discount via our eShop here on February 14-15 (using coupon code MORELUV at checkout) or in our retail shop on Wednesday, February 15, when we will be open from 10am to 5pm.



Mary, Mary quite contrary,
How did your yarn stash grow?
With Fifty and Freckles,

Tonals and speckles,
You’re all just diggin’ it,
I know!

Hope to see you soon! Peaceful stitching, y’all!

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Put a Little Love in Your Life

Hi Everyone!

As you know Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. While not every person celebrates Valentine’s Day or is even a romantic, we can all use a little more love in our lives. Our love, of course, is beautiful fiber and yarn of all types.

v-day-combo-01-eIf you are planning a project for someone you love (even if it’s yourself), we are celebrating Valentine’s Day by offering a 15% discount on all our regularly-priced hand-dyed yarns (two days only, February 14-15). You can visit our eShop here and use coupon code MORELUV at checkout OR you can visit our small retail space on Wednesday the 15th (we even have Open Knit/Crochet during the morning) to peruse our yarns before you buy.

Perhaps you’re feeling pink or red and glowing or maybe even a little blue or green with envy. No matter your mood, we have a little fiber love to share with you!

Peaceful stitching, y’all!

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Magickal Colors

Hi Everyone! We wanted to share two of our newest color ways with you.

Glenda of the EastThe first is Glenda of the East, a new color way in our Fifty Shades of Gradient family. Not to be confused with Glinda of the North, the good witch…our Glenda is named after one of our color-savvy dyers here at The Fibre Studio. This gorgeous color way has an amazing range, going from a fathomless blue to deep teal to avocado to a redwood to a plum. It is currently available in two size [4 oz (approx 560 yds) or 7 oz (approx 980 yds)] gradient cakes on our eShop here.

The second is Confetti Western, our latest offering in our Freckles line of speckled yarn. This fun and playful color runs the gamut of all things confetti–channeling party favors and wrapping paper and cupcake sprinkles. Confetti Western is a fantastic complement to tonals and gradients from the most subtle to the eye-popping. It is currently available in two size [4 oz (approx 560 yds) or 8 oz (approx 1120 yds)] skeins on our eShop here.

Is anyone ready for Spring yet? I don’t know about you, but I need some magick or confetti in my life.

Peaceful stitching, y’all!

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Unraveled: Fiber Q&A 03 – Connections in the Round

Happy New Year, everyone! We thought we would start off the new year by posting a new segment in our Unraveled series. With all the beautiful cowls and infinity scarves, which have been posted these past weeks, this post is dedicated to knitting in the round.

cowl-photos[Pictured Above: (On Left) 3 Color Cashmere Cowl in colorways Cherokee, There’s a Storm Brewin’, and Autumn Gold & (On Right) Soul Warmer Cowl in CPK6 – Dark Side of the Rainbow]

We will discuss two primary topics: how to seamlessly 1) join your cast on stitches in the round and 2) add jogless second (third, fourth, etc.) colors. [Note: These tips work for any type of needle.]

Joining in the Round
After casting all of your required pattern stitches, cast on one additional stitch. Ensure all cast on stitches are facing the same direction (inside of circle) so there is no twist or moebius created at the very beginning of the project. Slip the first cast on stitch purlwise from left to right needle. Take the last (extra) stitch cast on on the right needle and pass it over the newly slipped stitch. Tighten both the working yarn as well as the end yarn to remove any bar or gap. Place a stitch marker on the right needle to mark the beginning of your row and begin to knit in pattern.

A helpful video for joining your work in the round can be found here.

Changing Colors in the Round
When it’s time for a color change, add the next color and knit just as if flat knitting. At the end of the row, take the right needle and pull up the stitch directly below the first stitch of the current row and place it on the left needle right beside the first stitch of existing row. Knit both the first stitch of the row and the pulled up stitch together as the first stitch of the row and continue to knit in pattern and color.

After a few rows, ensure the color join is seamless by weaving the yarn ends on the back side of your work using duplicate stitch.

A helpful video for changing colors in the round can be found here.

As always, we encourage you to post your cowl and infinity scarf projects and pictures on our Facebook page here or on our Ravelry page here.

Happy stitching, y’all!

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Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with love and cheer!


From all the ladies at The Fibre Studio At Yarns To Dye For, we want to thank you for your business and continued support in 2016.

To get the year started of right, please enjoy 25% off all our hand dyed fibers and patterns on our on-line shop.  Just use coupon code Happy17, which is valid through 11:59pm, Saturday, January 7, 2017.

In the coming months, we look forward to hearing from you and seeing what projects you have cast-on.

Peaceful Stitching.

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Making Memories (Inspired by the Cinema)

One of our favorite quotes is, “We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.”

This state of “being in the moment” or of “being present” begets the opportunity to create or grow memories. Sometimes these memories are revisited by a sensory experience or by what’s happening in our immediate environment. The Fibre Studio often uses these experiences when developing new color ways to share with our fiber community.

Our latest yarn club was Inspired by the Cinema yet evokes the warm memories that arise due to a holiday season spent with family and friends. Whether you’re looking at old photos, watching home movies (or even those classic holiday marathons from the cinema), or snuggled up in front of the fire dressed in your new knits hugging the ones you love…you’ll totally understand the warm, rosy glow of our Then in Paris color way.


Then in Paris was inspired by the 1951 musical An American in Paris, which celebrated its 65th birthday in 2016. This movie, allowing a glimpse into the life of an expat artist living in Paris, is all about dance/movement, music, and nostalgia. The movie’s hero loves the people and the atmosphere of Paris with all the exuberance of an American puppy. Not yet acclimated to the Parisian ennui he confronts regularly, he looks through eyes tinted by rose-colored glasses as he falls in love, loses, and then reclaims his girl and his new city.

In other words, this man was living life–creating memories by having fun, embracing love, and staying in the moment. He even danced in the rain like no one was watching. Although we were, and have been, for the last 65 years.

Let us know what you think about our new color way, and let us know what evokes your memories!

Happy stitching, y’all!

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Get the Elf Off the Shelf

Hi Everyone! For any of you who are looking for those last-minute holiday gifts, we are seeking kit-friendly homes for some of our lovelies.


Top Row (L to R) – Walk in the Woods, Holyrood, Shawl B; Bottom Row (L to R) – Double Scoop, Match & Move, Eifelgold

Currently in inventory and ready to go home are:

Walkabout – Fingering kits (980 yards total) perfect for Holyrood (by Justyna Lorkowska) or Match & Move (by Martina Behm) shawls:
Cherokee/Deep Woods Red

SW Merino – Fingering kits (1120 yards total) perfect for Eifelgold (Melanie Berg) or Walk in the Woods (by Linda Hannes) shawls:
Noir/Holly G’lightly

Walkabout – Fingering kits (1470 yards total) perfect for Shawl B (by Justyna Lorkowska):
Dark Side of the Rainbow/Summer Wheat/Sand Dune

SW Merino – Fingering kits (1120 yards total) perfect for Double Scoop (by Ash Alberg) shawl:
Charlotte/Summer’s Retreat

If you want to share a gift of yarn but are confused by the selection, don’t forget The Fibre Studio has Gift Certificates as well!

Happy Holidays and peaceful stitching, y’all!

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