Corinne – KAL (Knit-A-Long) UPDATED!

Carol G. with her Corinne

Carol G. came into The Studio Saturday morning ready to begin her sleeve.  Her size called for 8+ inches (C/O 43 stitches) for the sleeve.  She also desired a more fitted sleeve at the wrist.  We came up with a revised Short Row Shaping (SRS).  The purpose of making this change to the sleeves for the Corinne is to make the sleeve longer  but more fitted.  The pattern calls for adding 8 inches to the sleeve, we are adding 11 inches.

Also, the pattern as written ask you to c/0 using the cable cast on.  If you use a Provisional Cast On you can use the three needle bind-off  at the end of the sleeve and not have any seams to sew.  if you would like to use the provisional cast on, follow these instructions.

Provisional Cast On  – Using a scrap piece of yarn and a crochet hook, chain 60 stitches and tie off.  Begin by picking up 55 stitches along the chain.

Here is the revised Short Row Shaping (SRS) for the sleeve –  We are adding two markers, one at the wrist and one just below the elbow.   To make things simple, we will number the markers as follows:  From neck edge,  the marker that is five stitches in will be marker #1, the shoulder makers will be marker #2, the bust marker will be marker #3, the elbow marker will be marker #4 and the marker near the cuff will be marker #5.

Revised SRS:  After C/O 55 stitches, at wrist edge, K5 – PM#5, K30 – PM#4, knit to marker #3 (bust) W&T, knit to marker #5 W&T, knit to marker #2 (shoulder) W&T, knit to marker #4 (elbow) W&T, knit to marker 1 (neck) W&T, knit to wrist end-turn, knit to neck edge-turn, knit to wrist end.  This completes one Revised SRS.  Work two Rev SRS at beginning of sleeve (these will replace the regular SRS at the beginning of sleeve).  Work  number of regular SRS for body of sleeve then work Rev SRS for last two SRS of sleeve).

If you used the provisional Cast On, Slip those live stitches back on to your needle tip and prepare to use a three needle bind off – for no seams.

Ann D’s Corinne

Ann's Corinne

Love these colors!

Several months ago, I found a great new project on Knitty called Corinne by Crystal Erb Junkins. It is this great cardigan knit totally in garter stitch – working side to side. The shaping is done through short rows.

I started a Corinne for my daughter using Soft Linen from Classic Elite Yarns. This yarn is complied of 35% wool, 35% linen and 30% baby alpaca. I am using color #2256 which is a lovely lavender. This project goes quickly, my daughter’s Corinne is 80% finished.

However, I can’t wait to begin my Corinne which will be knit using Boboli by Berocco.  I am using color #5333 which can be worn dressy or with jeans.Boboli #5333

Join us in the Studio each Friday morning in November between 10a-12p for the “in house” Knit-A-Long or join us online by sending me an email Debbie(at)FiberStudioShop(dot)com.   Once you have been added to the blog list, you may add your comments and don’t forget your pictures.

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