Learn To Knit!

Join us for a fun event and Learn to Knit!

During our three day 1 ½ hour class, you will become familiar with many knitting terms. You will learn to Cast On (CO), the Knit (K) stitch, the Purl (P) stitch and to Bind Off (BO).

We have chosen a soft and simple wash cloth for your first project.  Besides learning to knit and purl, you will also learn to understand some of the basic stitch patterns such as; garter, stockinette, rib and seed stitch.   You will learn to increase/decrease stitches, read a basic pattern and fix your mistakes.

Check our calendar for class times.

Class Fee: $60.00 plus materials.

Call The Fibre Studio at 704.643.7720 to check availability and to reserve your spot.  WELCOME, new knitters, to the fabulous world of fiber arts!

8 thoughts on “Learn To Knit!

      • Well, I wanted to come the 15th, but I just talked to Ann D. and she says you are out of town till Sat. So I guess I’ll call Sat and see when to come. Are you having one Thur Dec 22, or is that too close to C’mas? Have a good time wherever you are. See you soon. I know you are mentally “dancing in the street” because another obsessive/compulsive fiber artist is about to embark on the , not so very cheap, art of knitting….hahaha. See you soon for my first fix!love Mama Crow

  1. Debbie, I have been thinking of giving a gift certificate to my wife for a knitting class. Do you have to do a series of classes or just one class at a time to get a basic understanding to knit?

    • Hi Billy, I am glad you asked. I prefer to teach a beginner in a series of three classes. During the first class, you have an opportunity to learn several cast on methods, practice the knit stitch, get used to the feel of knitting – holding the needles and begin to work on your gauge. Then you go home and practice. In the follow-up class, we will introduce the purl stitch and work more with gauge. Then home again to practice. In the final lesson, we will cover the bind off stitch and other general information about knitting. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi my daughter is 11 yrs old and is really interested in learning how to knit. Do you offer any beginner kids classes?

    • Hi Amy, I am glad you asked. I have a learn to knit class for kids on Tuesday, March 6 from 6:30-8:00. I also can use the Monday Learn To Knit class for kids. That class is from 3-5. Let me know if either work for you. Debbie Davis 704-643-7720

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