Taking a Spin With Elvis & Dr. John

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Wow, what a great Sunday to be open!  We had a couple of young ladies who were new knitters sitting with us, Dr. John Hall teaching a Spinning With a Drop Spindle class…and then there was Elvis.

We had five students in our spinning class, which was taught by Dr. John Hall.  The ladies learned how to spin using a drop spindle.   After a brief description of how fibers (we used Manos 100% merino roving) twist together and then walked through the anatomy of a spindle, the students were quickly spinning away.  This was very much a hands-on class.  Dr. John did a great job of launching the students’ first homespun skeins of yarn.

If the class wasn’t fun enough, one of the students–Debbie McCormick of Heart Felt Hares–introduced us to Elvis, a five-pound fuzzy bundle of love.  Accompanying Elvis were three 9-week old bunnies; we’ll call them The Lovettes.  Nice ring, right?  Elvis and The Lovettes.

Within moments, Elvis and The Lovettes were getting a big Viva La Fibre Studio welcome by both adults and children alike.  [Note: These angora rabbits appear huge, but they are light as a feather…just fuzz bunnies, literally.]  Debbie McCormick eventually made a place for Elvis on her lap and actually spun angora straight from the bunny onto her spindle.  What a hoot!

Ya never know what’s gonna happen, or who’s gonna show up, at The Fibre Studio.  Well, it’s now 6pm.  Elvis has left the building.

Peaceful stitching, y’all!

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