Perfectly Portable Projects

Our summer months are quickly filling with both short road trips and longer vacations.  This means we are spending a lot of time in planes, trains, and automobiles.  What this CAN translate into is hours of uninterrupted knitting and crochet time–and the perfect time to whip up gifts and accessories or even complete projects already begun.

To help you determine which projects are “perfectly portable” for your trips, we made a few suggestions below:

  1. Choose a one-skein project.  There are books written on the “wonders” of these small projects.  They are certainly portable, and you can whip up slippers, welted fingerless gloves (The Fibre Studio is having a class beginning June 30), socks (including the baby socks class we are featuring on July 21), hats, washcloths, simple scarves and cowls, etc.  Your travel time is a great time to whittle down your Christmas or birthday gift list.
  2. Choose an otherwise physically small project.  When traveling on a plane or in a car with many other people, there isn’t the room for an afghan or sweater or–if you’re one who is just in love with your straight needles–your neighbor or driver may not see the humor in dodging a 48″ wingspan of needles.
  3. Choose a project with an easy repeat or stitch pattern.  Trying to find room for your needles, fiber, pattern, stitch counter all while in transit can be a challenge and require a balancing act, which could prove to be the opposite of relaxing.  Picking a project with a stitch pattern that is easily-memorized makes sense and allows you to enjoy your trip journey and not just the destination.

Turn your “dead time” at airports, in flight, in the car, on the train, etc. into some of your most productive time ever by taking along a perfectly portable project with you on your vacation travels.  Want to hit the trifecta?  Add your favorite book on CD or favorite music, and your most productive time BECOMES your vacation time.

Happy stitching and safe travels!

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