Fixing Mistakes



In the two-day, two-hour class, Fixing Mistakes, you will become familiar with the following techniques:

  • Unknitting: one row by “tinking” or several rows by pulling out the needle
  • Vertical fixes (for dropped stitches) – Knitting up the ladder for knit, purl and garter stitches
  • Indentifying and Fixing – Twisted stitch, skipped stitch, direction change in finishing a row, dropped stitch at the beginning or end of a row
  • Fixing too many or too few stitches – yarn over, split stitch, extra stitch at the beginning of a row, several dropped stitches
  • Correcting forgotten increase or decrease
  • Counting stitches and rows
  • Joining work in the round


CLASS FEE: $45.00 to be paid directly to  instructor. Call The Fibre Studio 704-643-7720 to register.  Please check our calendar for dates.


            One 4” swatch in Stockinette Stitch
            One 4” swatch in Garter Stitch
(To be done on #8 needles; 20 stitches in a row. Leave finished swatches on needle or stitch holder. DO NOT bind off.)


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