Fixing Mistakes II

This 2-hour class will cover additional ways to avoid making mistakes and identifying and correcting mistakes such as dropped edge stitches, yarnovers, cable reversals. The importance of gauge and pattern marking will also be covered.

Please check our claendar for available dates and call The Fibre Studio to reserve your spot.

Cost: $25

3 thoughts on “Fixing Mistakes II

  1. Debbie,
    A couple of questions. The beaded beret class shows up 4 times on the schedule including this Friday. Are these the real dates? And I’m assuming it will change a little because of the roads. Also I do not see the fixing mistake classes on the schedule.

    Diane Sabo

    • I have the Beaded Beret beginning on Friday from 1-3 with follow-up classes on the 21st and 28th. As I reply to this email, it is snowing to beat the band so we may have to revisit the class on Friday.

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