Moebius Cowl

Moebius cowl

This is an easy project, but incorporates an interesting technique – it is a true Moebius  using the Moebius cast on  If you are not familiar with this cast on, click here to view Cat Bordhi – Intro To Moebius Knitting.

1 Skeins Bulky Yarn – Baby Alpaca Grande, Noro Nadeshiko, or Misti                              Alpaca Chunky.
Needle – US #13, 47 inch cable.
One stitch marker and darning needle.

You’ve reviewed the tutorial and are ready to get started.  Cast on 120 stitches using the Moebius cast on, place marker (this will mark the beginning of the round).

Pattern Stitch:

Rows 1-2:    *K4, P4* (**Repeat for all rounds).
Rows 3-4:      K6, P4, *K4,P4* (**Repeat for all rounds).
Rows 5-6:      P4, K4, P4, *K4, P4* (**Repeat for all rounds).
Rows 7-8:      P6, K4, P4, *K4, P4* (** Repeat for all rounds).

Repeat this pattern until you have 8 yards remaining.  Bind off  loosely (I love the Icelandic Bind Off)

You may use two skeins to make a wider cowl.

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