Through The Looking Glass


This course will take you through the next level of KnitCompanion.  Your eyes will be opened to the possibilities of what (you and) KnitCompanion are capable of achieving.  To attend this 3 hour workshop you must be comfortable using the KnitCompanion app to set up your pdf projects or have completed the Elevate Your Knitting workshop.

When I first saw a demonstration of what this app can do, I felt like Alice and I had just stepped through the looking glass.

Students Must Bring to Class:

  • An Ipad, WiFi capable
  • After you register for class, you will receive an email with a selection of free pattern downloads we will be using in class.
  • Knit Companion paid version downloaded and installed to your Ipad (available on the Apple App Store)

Instruction:  Heidi Sunday
Class Date:   Thursday, October 23
Class Time:  5:00p-8:00p

Class Fee:     $25.00, paid to instructor

2 thoughts on “Through The Looking Glass

  1. Hi Debbie- I might as well do this one too! Please sign me up. Janet

    Janet Hince

    My blogs:

    “The easiest way to do art is to dispense with success and failure altogether and just get on with it.” Stephen Nachmanovitch, Free Play


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