The 1 Sleeved


Linda Rudisill will instruct a three-part, four hour class on The1Sleeved.  The first class will be Wednesday, March 11 at 1pm.  During this time, Linda will get everyone up and running on the cuff and the sleeve.

The follow-up class will be Wednesday, March 25 at 1pm.  During this class, you will work on your color wedges.  Linda was worked up an easy to follow graph for navigating this part of the project and it will be included as a handout for the class.

First Class – Wednesday, March 11, 1pm,
Second Class – Wednesday, March25, 1pm
Third Class – Wednesday May 6, 1pm

Classroom Fee:  $45.00 to be paid to instructor.


About fibrestudio

My name is Debbie Davis, and I opened The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For on September 1, 2008 as my youngest child was heading off to college. I absolutely love being the proprietor of The Fibre Studio. My customers are great; we have fun classes & workshops; and where else can I bring my best friend, Lola, to work?
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