Oh Mairlynd!

We love to give shout-outs to those vendors who provide us some of our greatest pleasures. This month, we are supporting one of our favorite designers, Melanie Berg (aka @Mairlynd).

For several years, The Fibre Studio and our customers have ooh’d and aah’d over Melanie’s patterns.  We’ve saved, loved, and purchased her patterns and forwarded her social media posts, usually with the comment,”Have you seen THIS one?!”

We’ve knitted alone and A-Long, all within our small community.  But, hey world…we are branching out!

In support of the annual Mairlynd Any Shawl KAL, to begin next Monday, May 9, we encourage our readership to put the revelry back in Ravelry and join us in person (at our dyeing studio on Wednesdays, from 10am to 2pm) or online at The Fibre Studio Ravelry KAL or alternately join Mairlynd’s Ravelry KAL.

So what’s in YOUR queue from Melanie Berg? It can be a new project or a work in progress!

Have you Rheinlusted over shawls such as On the Spice Market?  Used your 50 Shades of Gradient to move a Spark of Grey into the light of Sunwalker or Solaris? Are you WIP’d by an Ashburn?  Or Perhaps, Perhaps you finished your one-on-one with The Miller’s Daughter and moved on to A Joker and a Thief?

Heno Joker and Thief

We hope you have and hope you will again. There’s no judgment here. What happens at The Fibre Studio stays in the studio…except when it’s on a KAL!

Please visit our Ravelry or Facebook pages to share your project pictures and happy stitching, y’all!




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