Shawls ‘n Crawls, Y’all

There is just a slight, very slight, change in the temperatures…a slight cooling off that hints the autumn season is approaching. However, the very opposite is happening on the yarn scene. Things are heating up around here!

The Charlotte Area Yarn Crawl is coming!  The 2016 crawl will take place from Friday, September 23 through Saturday, October 1, 2016. More info soon to come, but empty out those project bags and make room in your stash because the new color ways and projects are fabEWElous!

Shawl Capture

(L to R) Beastkeeper | BitterBlue | My Cryptonite

We have been eagerly anticipating several new shawl patterns, which have just been released. Today we’d like to highlight Beastkeeper by Justyna Lorkowska. This is an easy-to-knit garter stitch shawl, which uses a five-skein color play kit along with a main color. The color options are endless, and we’ve recommended some of them on our pattern page.

We love it when our customers share their projects with us. We received a beautiful post on our Ravelry page from grumpygirl73 about her BitterBlue shawl by Barbara Benson. Mandy knit her version of the shawl in Fifty Shades of Gradient in color way Dark Side of the Rainbow. What’s so interesting about this shawl pattern is it uses a gradient yarn combined with gradient beads. We’ve seen many patterns that utilize two gradient yarns or use color play kits simultaneously, but this unique pattern allows the beads to create the depth, texture, and reverse striping effect.

Uranium, Day Glow, the Sun, Particles, Blow Pop, and Red Fox. What do these terms have in common? Perhaps one of these will be your cryptonite. We have exciting new colors that will blow your mind (pun intended), and we will share later this week.

Peaceful stitching, y’all!

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