Putting the Mmm in MKAL

Considering the myriad projects and colors available for fiber makers, it is often difficult to choose which projects should receive our fervent commitment. Sometimes it is the project that speaks to us; sometimes, the yarn.

When a project or knit along is marketed as a mystery, falling in love with the project is just not possible. It’s all about the yarn…mixed with a little hope and a little intrigue.


On September 1, knitwear designer Laura Aylor (of First Point of Libra fame) began a new Summer’s End MKAL called Counter Current. The Fibre Studio was certainly intrigued. However, with the August launch of four new yarn kits (Keep Pounding, SOCKtober, My Cryptonite, Live Long & Prosper) and the planned September trips to the Georgia FiberFest, Stephen West in BMYS, and the Charlotte Yarn Crawl, we didn’t feel we could fully embrace a mystery too.

Until we dyed the yarn. Sigh.

We dyed a few Counter Current kits just in case anyone wanted to dip their toe in that riptide of yarn. But what actually happened was we fell in love with the chosen colors when we put them together. Our Color Play Kit is called Starry Night and contains twelve ounces of SW Merino – Fingering yarn in six, 1-2-3 skeins (two 1-ounce skeins, two 2-ounce skeins, two 3-ounce skeins hence 1-2-3), which is perfect for the Laura Aylor project.

The rich tonal colors include Lavender, Aquamarine, Sky, Teal, Hubble, and Twilight. The skeins are rebelliously gradient (counter culture in our Counter Current kit, here) in that they pull from a palette of blue hues but are not just a lighter/darker version of the color beside it.

How about you? Have any recent projects gotten under your skin? Were you caught in a color current from which you don’t WANT to escape?


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