Get Stitched!!!

Hi Everyone! We’re always excited to share what’s new with our favorite Yarnies! This week we have new swingin’ hot bags, a short (horror) story, and a GREAT REASON to save the date for our June 10 World Wide Knit in Public Day Celebration.

Introducing new Ewe Crew Swag…custom bags by Holly Aiken. Holly has graciously designed five bags, all stitched with our sweet fluffy logo sheep, Baaathsheba.

For those of you not familiar with Holly or her bags, she is the proprietor of Stitch, a gorgeous shop in Raleigh, North Carolina. Launched in 2004, Holly has remained true to her original vision–providing uncomplicated bags using distinctive, indestructible materials all of which are designed to uncomplicate our lives.

Holly’s bags are primarily made from vinyl and bold, black webbing trim. They are further accented by stripes and crisp geometric shapes (in our case, our little Baaathsheba is prominently displayed for our fellow Ewes and Yarnies). Each Holly Aiken bag is made in North Carolina and has been lovingly constructed with precision and care to withstand the daily grind.
The Fibre Studio offers the Baaathsheba line in five bag shapes and in a variety of seasonal colors. Don’t be left out to pasture, personalize your Ewe Crew Swag bag here in our online shop today!

Oh Horrors: A Slasher Stasher Story

Very recently, one of our fiber sisters (aka ewe crew member, dyer of beauties, pink elephant protectors, and yarn hoarder lover) came under stash attack by one of the most scary of apex predators–an uninformed husband–when she flashed her partial stash. Our sister and her mister were cleaning out a chest of drawers, where part of her stash was hidden lovingly stored. This is the conversation (aka horror story) that ensued:

The mister asked, “What’s all this?”
Our sister answered, “Most of these are projects I’ve begun but haven’t yet finished.”
He responded with, “Why don’t you bundle this up as giveaways?”
She paused for one long second and then responded with, “Why don’t I go through all your bags and give away some of your golf clubs?”
Surprised, he exclaimed, “I wasn’t trying to be nasty.”
After a level look and protectively putting her body between HIM and her exposed stash, she replied, “It sounded like it to me.”
They moved on to other things quickly thereafter.

So…my question to you all (and there is a potential prize in it for any of you who participate), how do you manage your stash? If you share a picture of your stash, [whether it’s in a chest of drawers, shoe organizers in your closets, plastic bins, open shelving, etc.] on our Facebook page (please post all photos in the “How do you manage your stash” post OR in the “WWKiP Day Celebration” event post), your name will be entered into a drawing for a prize (it will NOT come from our sister’s private stash) during our June 10 World Wide Knit in Public Day Celebration.

So, yes, there is another great reason to save the date and attend our WWKiP Day Celebration…aka Stash Appreciation Day.

Happy stitching, y’all!

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