Spring Thing & Other Flings

Hi Everyone,
Doesn’t it sometimes seem as though our efforts to match new fibers with new projects is similar to a romantic fling? We fall in love (yarn or pattern). We bleed Kool Aid for it. We are a slave to all the details. We share it with everyone…sometimes TMI. We settle in for some pattern manipulation and textural conception. After completion, we light a cigarette drink a little wine or have coffee with friends, discuss all the challenges, and begin to look for our next fling.

Sound a bit sordid? Not to our ears. In an age where technology provides a sterile interface to many relationships, our families and friends are scattered to the winds of the earth, and our lives are so busy we set alarms to keep us on track…falling in love, even if its with yarn or fabric, and subsequently hanging out with fiber friends to discuss it, is quite simply wonderful. In the movie When Harry Met Sally a wise woman stated, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

This week we celebrate the Spring Thing, a new summer sweater pattern, and a new shawl idea for using our Bo Peeps (thanks, Boop). Prepare for that next fling; it may be just around the cursor corner.

Spring Thing
The Charlotte inner city yarn shops and studios are participating in an informal Spring Thing. We will be open May 18-20 in anticipation of this event. Visit our retail space to enjoy those great deals never seen online or to see, squeeze, and fondle our hand-dyed fibers–Black Sheep (experimentals), Bo Peeps (to pre-order), Color Play Station (DIY color play kits), and inventory reduction specials.

Bring a friend or three, hit all three locations (including Charlotte Yarn and Baskets of Yarn), have lunch, and make a day of it. Your friends can bear witness to the new romance in your life.

Jaycee Cardigan
Been looking for a lovely, light-weight Spring/Summer sweater to stay comfy in those overly cooled, air-conditioned areas that make us wish longingly for mukluks? We’ve found a perfect option in the Jaycee cardigan by designer Isabell Kraemer.

Stylishly worn open or buttoned, this sweet cardigan has just a bit of texture around the yoke and above the ribbing at the waist. It is also worked seamlessly from the top down. Short rows shape the neck and yoke until sleeve separation. Sleeve stitches are placed on hold, then the body is worked back and forth down to the hem. Button bands and neck finishing are worked next. Sleeves are worked in rounds top down to the cuffs last.

We recommend our Cotton Bamboo – Fingering (on sale now), Merino Bamboo – Fingering, Walkabout – Fingering, or even a Bo Peep (especially the lovely red-black copper tones of BP003) for this project.

South of Broad Shawl
We are excited to feature the South of Broad shawl by local designer, Liz Washburn.

This half hexagonal shawl pattern includes both written and charted instructions. The lace repeats are fairly simple–perfect for newbies to lace knitting. The unusual shape ensures it hugs the shoulders and doesn’t slip off as do many asymmetrical or rectangular shawls.

This wrap was named South of Broad for the romantic and historic section of Charleston, SC. Even when using a fiber containing wool, the fingering weight and selecting bright colors make it perfect for a warmer climate, such as that of Charleston. A Charleston romance is a “fiiiuhhhnnn” (that’s “fine” for non Southern speakers) romance.

Thank you Betty R. for bringing this gorgeous shawl by one of our local Yarnies to our attention AND for purchasing the Bo Peeps in which to make it. Like Betty, we love our Bo Peeps for this project as well as many of our other Studio Sox, Freckles, and Walkabout – Fingering color ways.

Bo Peeps – Not Just for Shawls
For those of you who think our Bo Peeps are just for cowls or shawls, let us assure you they are not.

While they are available in three fingering-weight fiber bases, they are also available in sport and light worsted weight yarns for those Yarnies that love a nice sweater or throw. Just make sure you get enough yarn for your entire project, because our Bo Peeps are lost to us after the 20th of each month.

Want to know what we’re deweing? Pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook (we post changes to our business hours here), and Instagram as well as on our website at thefibrestudio.com (we post changes to our business hours here).

Happy stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew


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