SAFF Color Way & Salty Friends

Hi Everyone,
We are sending out a mid-week message to share some of our favorite things with you.

Catawba, 2018 SAFF Color Way

Our Catawba color way was our autumn mystery color way, dyed with the 2018 Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair  (SAFF) in Fletcher, NC in mind. We were a vendor at this fiber festival, at the end of October and witnessed fantastic crowds who ignored the cold wind and rainy weather to support their beloved fiber arts.

The color way was born of the moody hues found in and around the Catawba river and Lake Wylie (as pictured) areas and is reflective of the flora, fauna, and waterways found there.

The Catawba, also known as Issa, Essa, or Iswä means “People of the River” and are a federally-recognized tribe of Native Americans, formally known as the Catawba Indian Nation. They live in the Southeastern United States, on the Catawba River at the border of North Carolina. Their language is of Sioux origin, and they are known as avid hunters and fisher-sans, with talents in both pottery and basket-weaving–skills preserved to this day.

The Salty Sheep
We cannot share with you the happiness we felt when we saw our friends at The Salty Sheep (in Swansboro, NC) display an Instagram photo of their new floors, in their new shop space this week. The recent hurricane just decimated the shop, and Peggy B. has shared the heartbreak, hope, rainbows, and elbow grease it takes to make what you love happen.

If you haven’t friended them on Facebook or followed them on Instagram, their beautiful little shop in the friendly city by the sea is truly an inspiration and a positive influence on anyone’s social media feed. We hope to get to see their new space welcome back their fiber community very soon, and we hope you visit them when they reopen!

The Fibre Studio Welcomes Sheri Balke
While Sheri may not be truly salty, we love that our friend and fiber ally is now a member of The Ewe Crew. Sheri will be helping the rest of the crew in the studio be better at everything. Stop in to say hello if you get a chance!

Want to know what we’re deweing? Pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook (we post changes to our business hours here), and Instagram as well as on our website at (we post changes to our business hours here).

Happy stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew

3 thoughts on “SAFF Color Way & Salty Friends

  1. The Catawba colorway is GORGEOUS! I still haven’t finished my Touchstone shawl knitted with the Nantahala gradient yarn (interrupted to knit a Slipoery Slope scarf using Tiger Crush!).

    I didn’t make it to SAFF this year but hope to visit the studio on Saturdays when it’s open.

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