knitCompanion Workshop

Are your hands full?  Does your lap runneth over with yarn, needles AND your paper pattern, stitch counter, row markers?

Learn how to utilize knitCompanion, a user- and device-friendly app, which can simplify your life AND open up space on your lap for that lovely, fluffy, soft yarn you’re currently working.

Charlotte knitting guru, Linda Rudisill, will teach you how to update or download the latest version of the app to your device, download your next project pattern, review the app’s existing tools as well as additional tools available with upgrades, and then personalize the viewing screen to YOUR particular specifications.

Have ADD/ADHD and dance with the squirrel on a regular basis?  No worries!  The app screen may be simplified to draw the eye to the most basic of information–perhaps only the written instructions with the stitch counter.  Love to see everything on one page?  Conversely, the app can be set to show sections of your pattern’s written instructions, stitch counter, corresponding chart sections, and chart key.

Join us for this knitCompanion class and never be a lonely, overwhelmed knitter again.  Class info is as follows:

Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Time: 10:30am to 12:30pm
Location:  The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For, 658 Griffith Road, Suite 107 | Charlotte, NC  28217
Cost:  $20 per person (Attendees must pay by cash or check made out to Linda Rudisill. Cost does not include app or pattern download.)

Vodka Lemonade by Thea Colman

Here is an awesome, light weight cardigan that I think will be perfect as a three-season garment for our climate.  It is top down construction, which I love because I like to try it on as I go.  Several of us at The Fibre Studio are knitting the Vodka Lemonade out of Rowan, Pure Life Revive.  Other great DK weight yarn selections would be:

  • Berroco – Linsey, or Captiva
  • Classic Elite –  Soft Linen, or Cotton Classic
  • Tahki – Firefly
  • Grignasco – Springfield, Mousse, or Champagne
  • Manos – Serena
  • Louet – Euroflax



Hydrangea Wreath Class

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There are still a few spots in our Hydrangea Wreath Class on Saturday, June 23, from 10:30a-12:30p.

Debbie D.’s mother Martha, an entrepreneur who owned and ran a florist shop, designed and put this wreath together.  You too can create this wonderful wreath to welcome friends and family into your home or, as Debbie does, welcome clients into your business.

Call us at 704.643.7720 to reserve your spot today!

Myth Busting Classes & Workshops

Recently, we’ve had many existing customers as well as new visitors in The Fibre Studio who have wanted to try something new or revisit the fiber arts.  For example:  We’ve not put a crochet class on our calendar in…who remembers when?!  We hadn’t enough interest shown to put a formal class on the calendar until lately.  One of our customers wanted potholders.  Two wanted to learn how to crochet flowers.  Another wanted to crochet an afghan, and one wanted baby clothing. So which project would we pick?  The answer is…ALL of them.  And we’re doing them each week….one-on-one.

So often, when we respond to a customer inquiry by asking if they would like to take a class, most want to see a “formal class” on the calendar.  When there isn’t one already scheduled, they don’t sign up.  I’ve recently thought, ‘Does everyone understand the various ways to use The Fibre Studio class time?’

I think there are misconceptions about our classes and workshops….so today, I’m acting as a “Myth Buster.”

Myth 01:  A class must be on the Events Calendar for me to participate.  This is sooo FALSE.  We can schedule a beginner’s how-to class, a starting-your-project class, a finishing-your-project class, or even a “I’ve-messed-up-and-what-do-I-do-now” class.  The key here is just getting the help you need.

Myth 02:  Classes must have a certain number of people in them.  Not true.  Many of our classes are one-on-one or one-on-two classes and are designed by the customer.  We will also create a class specifically for your knitting/crochet group or church group or other activity organization.

Myth 03:  Classes are more expensive when they’re one-on-one.  Again, this is not so.  If taught by a Fibre Studio associate, most classes don’t cost any more than a skein or two of yarn.

Myth 04:  If I don’t need a big class to start a project, but I need help in the middle or end of the project, I need to take another class.  This is confusing for some.  Customers who buy bulk hours of classes get a discount per hour, AND they can use them in increments.  This is perfect for learning a new technique, beginning a project, getting help mid-project, and then finishing the project…all with one class purchase.

Myth 05:  If The Fibre Studio didn’t create the class or idea, they won’t do it.  This is another big misconception.  If our extensive workspace is available, and we have the facilities (water, stove, wet space, etc.) to have it, we would love to host your class or workshop at our location.  Just call us at 704.643.7720 with your ideas, and we will help you work out the logistics.

I hope we’ve cleared up any mysteries about taking classes or workshops at The Fibre Studio.  Please know…it is easy as pie to have us book a class for YOU, with the experience and pace designed with you in mind.  And, of course, there’s always our Events Calendar for when you’re seeking those new experiences.

Peaceful stitching, everyone!

(Re)Purpose: The 2012 Fibre Studio Mantra

As blog followers, we at The Fibre Studio (FS) have seen a resurgence of the use of word mantras for 2012.  What a lovely concept to revisit.

During many staff and customer conversations during past weeks, a common theme emerged.  Most people are embracing “green” concepts or “going green” in a different way.  It’s all about the “re.”  They are recycling, reusing, and re-purposing without the bin.  In other words, they are looking at their existing possessions and re-imagining their uses.

re-purpose, /ree-pur’-puhs/  1. verb: to reset as an aim or goal for oneself or 2. noun: the reason for which something is done, made, or used.

The Fibre Studio wants to participate in this Renaissance.  Yes, another “re” word.  We are adopting the word (Re)Purpose as our 2012 mantra and have added several events to our monthly calendar:  (1) a Yarn Swap on the last Friday of each month and (2) an FAQ (Tips ‘n Techniques) for You session during one Thursday Open Crochet/Knit session (6-8pm), with a Rewind of the FAQ for You on the 2nd Sunday of each month.  Keep track of these new events as well as our classes and workshops on our monthly events calendar.  There are some very exciting new opportunities coming soon!

We’ve shared ours…so what is your 2012 mantra or resolution?

Learn To Knit!

Join us for a fun event and Learn to Knit!

During our three day 1 ½ hour class, you will become familiar with many knitting terms. You will learn to Cast On (CO), the Knit (K) stitch, the Purl (P) stitch and to Bind Off (BO).

We have chosen a soft and simple wash cloth for your first project.  Besides learning to knit and purl, you will also learn to understand some of the basic stitch patterns such as; garter, stockinette, rib and seed stitch.   You will learn to increase/decrease stitches, read a basic pattern and fix your mistakes.

Check our calendar for class times.

Class Fee: $60.00 plus materials.

Call The Fibre Studio at 704.643.7720 to check availability and to reserve your spot.  WELCOME, new knitters, to the fabulous world of fiber arts!

The Fibre Studio’s Twelve Days of Christmas

For those of you looking for different gift ideas for the holidays, remember The Fibre Studio has more than yarn…there are classes, beautiful buttons and ribbons, and gift certificates to encourage those you love to create.  When you are given hands, make handmade!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my best friend gave to me…
Twelve squares a quilting,
Eleven classes teaching,
Ten beads a’shimmering,
Nine crochet hooks a’hooking,
Eight church ladies ‘nogging,
A seven-button parcel,
Six projects outstanding,

Fiiiiive stitch marrrrrkers,

Four felted flowers,
Three different cables,
A pair of knitting needles and
A skein of yarn with glittery flecks.
…And a shop dog who is takin’ a nap!!!

Happy holiday shopping on this wonderful Black Friday, everyone!

Nov 5-11 Classes & Workshops

During the next week, The Fibre Studio has several exciting knit-a-longs (KALs), classes, and workshops to get all you fiber artisans in the mood to create, Create, CREATE!

Firstly, we just added a KAL to our Saturday (11/5) schedule.  Come knit along with us as we explore our recently-added and very lucious Juniper Moon Farm yarns.  Susan Gibbs of Juniper Moon Farms recently sponsored a trunk show at The Fibre Studio and displayed several lovely garment samples in different fiber weights.  We plan to work on the Cozy Brioche Cardigan from 10a-12p on 11/5.

There are several other classes and workshops (listed below) beginning this week as well. Call the shop at 704.643.7720 or email debbie(at)fibrestudioshop(dot)com for more details and to check availability.

11/8, 10a-1pm: Macchiato Gloves (Part 1 of 2)
11/8, 2-4p: Sluggy Bonnet (Part 1 of 2)
11/9, 12-2p: Pressed Rib Cap & Muffler
11/9, 2-4p: Felted Clogs (Part 1 of 3)
11/10, 2-4p: Caffe’ Vest Workshop (Part 1 of 2)
11/11, 10a-12p: Corinne KAL
11/11, 2-4p: More Than Knots Caplet (Part 1 of 2)

And, of course, we welcome visitors at our weekly Open Knit/Crochet “escapes” on Tuesdays 4-6p, Wednesdays 10a-12p, and Thursdays 6-8p. Come see what everyone is working on and to get that bit of help when your fiber has turned frustrating!

Stay creative, my friends!

Fiber Arts: The Next Generation

Recently, The Fibre Studio has focused on developing the next generation of fiber artisans.  Many of these fiber crafts (sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, etc.) are no longer shared or “handed down” from one generation to the next.  Given the hectic pace of today’s society, it is imperative that young men and women have the opportunity to learn these crafts and enjoy the camraderie and satisfaction of creating something with their own hands.  Sharing the experience with friends only makes the experience bettah and bettah!

Below are three of The Fibre Studio’s newest students (Hallie F., Emily C., and Ashley N.) who are participating in a series of Beginners Knitting Classes (offered on Mondays in November and upon request otherwise).  These ladies ARE part of the next generation.  May the “force be with you”!