Three-Color Blends

Hi Everyone,
This week we are going to discuss two projects, both of which utilize a blend of three colors of fingering-weight yarn. Also, please note we will be on the road on Friday, June 15, heading to a pop-up shop in Raleigh, NC.

Impressionists MKAL Shawl by Helen Stewart
When you stand in front of an Impressionist masterpiece, what do you see? Quiet vibrancy, indistinct edges, and clear warm light. The richness of ordinary moments captured in glimpses: this is the true magic of the Impressionists. The Impressionists showed us what they saw, but left room for our vivid imaginations as well. The Impressionists MKAL shawl (all clues are in at this point) offers us a way to to show the world what WE see.

One of the strengths in looking at Impressionism is the breadth and width of topic and color. The maker could choose subtle colors as in the water or street scenes of Monet or Renoir or go with rich and vibrant colors as with the landscapes and still lifes of Van Gogh or Degas.

No matter your creative direction, The Fibre Studio has a variety of wonderful fibers perfect for this three-color shawl. Choose from Studio Sox, a springy, versatile yarn, which is easy to maintain. Studio Solo is our newest base, takes color magnificently, and has that lovely simple single-ply effect, which is both clean and soft. Of course, our Walkabout – Fingering, creates beautiful stitch definition and embodies the richest of hues. Use our Freckles yarns to blend your color palette. What will your impression be?

Goldfish Memory by Casapinka
Urban legend has it that a goldfish has a memory or attention span of about three seconds, just the time it takes to swim around a standard fish bowl. According to designer Casapinka, this sometimes describes her attention span, and it describes the myriad of changes to this parallelogram-shaped wrap she titled Goldfish Memory. Slipped stitches, little garter stripes, bigger garter stripes, simple lace, stockinette stripes…that’s what you’ll find here. The maker will need three colors of fingering-weight yarn, and all the fibers mentioned above are great choices for this project as well.

Pop-Up Shop at Admit Ewe Knit
The Fibre Studio and Baaathsheba are packing up the fiber cart and heading to Admit Ewe Knit in Raleigh, North Carolina [1025 Bullard Court, Suite 105 | Raleigh, NC 27615 | 919-876-4640] on Saturday, June 16, from 10:30am-4pm.

If you plan to be in the Raleigh area, grab a friend and c’mon out and see us! We will have project kits, our WWKiP 2018 color way, and a great selection of our Fifty Shades of Gradient™ cakes.

Want to know what we’re deweing? Pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook (we post changes to our business hours here), and Instagram as well as on our website at (we post changes to our business hours here).

Happy stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew

Spring Thing & Other Flings

Hi Everyone,
Doesn’t it sometimes seem as though our efforts to match new fibers with new projects is similar to a romantic fling? We fall in love (yarn or pattern). We bleed Kool Aid for it. We are a slave to all the details. We share it with everyone…sometimes TMI. We settle in for some pattern manipulation and textural conception. After completion, we light a cigarette drink a little wine or have coffee with friends, discuss all the challenges, and begin to look for our next fling.

Sound a bit sordid? Not to our ears. In an age where technology provides a sterile interface to many relationships, our families and friends are scattered to the winds of the earth, and our lives are so busy we set alarms to keep us on track…falling in love, even if its with yarn or fabric, and subsequently hanging out with fiber friends to discuss it, is quite simply wonderful. In the movie When Harry Met Sally a wise woman stated, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

This week we celebrate the Spring Thing, a new summer sweater pattern, and a new shawl idea for using our Bo Peeps (thanks, Boop). Prepare for that next fling; it may be just around the cursor corner.

Spring Thing
The Charlotte inner city yarn shops and studios are participating in an informal Spring Thing. We will be open May 18-20 in anticipation of this event. Visit our retail space to enjoy those great deals never seen online or to see, squeeze, and fondle our hand-dyed fibers–Black Sheep (experimentals), Bo Peeps (to pre-order), Color Play Station (DIY color play kits), and inventory reduction specials.

Bring a friend or three, hit all three locations (including Charlotte Yarn and Baskets of Yarn), have lunch, and make a day of it. Your friends can bear witness to the new romance in your life.

Jaycee Cardigan
Been looking for a lovely, light-weight Spring/Summer sweater to stay comfy in those overly cooled, air-conditioned areas that make us wish longingly for mukluks? We’ve found a perfect option in the Jaycee cardigan by designer Isabell Kraemer.

Stylishly worn open or buttoned, this sweet cardigan has just a bit of texture around the yoke and above the ribbing at the waist. It is also worked seamlessly from the top down. Short rows shape the neck and yoke until sleeve separation. Sleeve stitches are placed on hold, then the body is worked back and forth down to the hem. Button bands and neck finishing are worked next. Sleeves are worked in rounds top down to the cuffs last.

We recommend our Cotton Bamboo – Fingering (on sale now), Merino Bamboo – Fingering, Walkabout – Fingering, or even a Bo Peep (especially the lovely red-black copper tones of BP003) for this project.

South of Broad Shawl
We are excited to feature the South of Broad shawl by local designer, Liz Washburn.

This half hexagonal shawl pattern includes both written and charted instructions. The lace repeats are fairly simple–perfect for newbies to lace knitting. The unusual shape ensures it hugs the shoulders and doesn’t slip off as do many asymmetrical or rectangular shawls.

This wrap was named South of Broad for the romantic and historic section of Charleston, SC. Even when using a fiber containing wool, the fingering weight and selecting bright colors make it perfect for a warmer climate, such as that of Charleston. A Charleston romance is a “fiiiuhhhnnn” (that’s “fine” for non Southern speakers) romance.

Thank you Betty R. for bringing this gorgeous shawl by one of our local Yarnies to our attention AND for purchasing the Bo Peeps in which to make it. Like Betty, we love our Bo Peeps for this project as well as many of our other Studio Sox, Freckles, and Walkabout – Fingering color ways.

Bo Peeps – Not Just for Shawls
For those of you who think our Bo Peeps are just for cowls or shawls, let us assure you they are not.

While they are available in three fingering-weight fiber bases, they are also available in sport and light worsted weight yarns for those Yarnies that love a nice sweater or throw. Just make sure you get enough yarn for your entire project, because our Bo Peeps are lost to us after the 20th of each month.

Want to know what we’re deweing? Pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook (we post changes to our business hours here), and Instagram as well as on our website at (we post changes to our business hours here).

Happy stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew


Mission Possible

Hi All,
This week we are going to share a lovely new shop sample, provide Ravelry links to our favorite projects (by project types and yarn quantities) and ply you with enough information on SAFF to enable you to grow your stash to great effect, with minimal effort. Should you choose to accept this mission (queue music here)….

Inara Wrap by Ambah O’Brien
The Inara Wrap (studio sample at left knit by Sue C. in our color ways Belize and Business Suit) may just be the blank slate on which you paint your own personality. Select two sets of gradient yarns for a rich ombre, or mix and match from your stash favorites.

The pattern is written for three sizes. We recommend two, 4-ounce cakes of our Fifty Shades of Gradient™ for the short and simple version (i.e. fewer ends to weave in). The medium and long versions can be created using a main color way in SW Merino – Fingering along with either 5- or 6-skein Color Play Kit. The options are limitless.

Ravelry Bundles
Each year about this time, we like to highlight some of our favorite knit and crochet projects by yarn requirements (bundled in Ravelry) so our customers and social media followers may organize their stashes and their shopping for maximum effect.

Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF)
Are you ready for the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF) 2017?! We are busily preparing for this annual event, located practically in our back yard. The event proper will be held from Thursday to Sunday, October 26-29. The event is located at the WNC Agricultural Center, in Fletcher, NC. The Fibre Studio’s booth will be located in the Davis Arena in Booths 336 & 338.

While there are classes (registration info here) being held on Thursday, there is no shopping or selling until: Fri & Sat, October 27-28, 9am – 6pm AND Sun, October 29, 9am – 4pm

SAFF Mystery Color Way: This year’s mystery SAFF color is absolutely gorgeous, and we’ve appropriately named it Nantahala. We are taking pre-orders through October 18 so customers are assured of receiving a cake of this luscious color way for pick up at SAFF (we always run out) or immediate shipping thereafter. Get yours now while there’s still have enough time to make something gorgeous to enjoy for fall and winter. Nantahala orders placed after October 18 will not be dyed until November.

Please Note: The Fibre Studio will be CLOSED to the public from October 25-29 in preparation for and traveling to SAFF. Online orders received during this time will be processed upon our return. Thank you for your patience as always.

Happy traveling and stitching, y’all!

All Roads Lead to SAFF

Hi Everyone,
While it’s not a true statement that all roads lead to SAFF, we have found it interesting how many recent projects are named after mapping or directional signs. Since so many makers will travel to festivals, fairs, and shows this autumn season, here’s our road map to fun projects, community awareness, and….yes….to SAFF.

For those of us GRITS (Girls Raised in the South), things sure have changed since we gave out directions using descriptions like, “Turn right at the big pin oak tree after you pass the rooster mailbox. You know, that oak tree was hit by lightning three different times, and it’s still standing!”

These projects are just as colorful and creative as a Southerner giving directions and will provide many hours of entertainment. Enjoy!

Streetscape by Jana Huck
Designed by Jana Huck, Streetscape is a garter stitch triangular shawl worked from tip to end, with a quirky zig-zag element that adds a touch of challenge to the otherwise soothing garter stitch. Wide blocks of stripes are visually striking, and when knit in the lovely grey and neutral shades, it is reminiscent of the German Autobahn. When the highway of life throws you for a curve, make a statement!

Each little twist and turn in the stripe pattern is simply a reminder that the journey will have some obstacles. We’ve all hit an unexpected bump or detour in life (or two or three). Toss this fabulous statement shawl over your shoulders and remember: The journey only makes you stronger.

All Points South by Casapinka
Is it a poncho or is it a shawl? According to designer Casapinka, it is a pullover shawl.

All Points South is meant to drape down over your shoulders to some degree but not necessarily fit all the way over your shoulders as a poncho would. Two sizes are available, and the pattern is designed to fit everyone. You can wear it bunched up like a cowl or lay it flat and smooth over your shoulders.

It is top down, seamless, with a “V.” There are a variety of stitches to keep it interesting; it’s designed for solids, speckles, variegated or a combination of all three. We like our Walkabout – Fingering, Freckles – Walkabout, and Studio Sox for this project.

Starting Point Wrap by Joji Locatelli
Designed by Joji Locatelli, this wrap was her May/June 2017 Mystery Knit Along and a huge international sensation.

This project requires five colors of fingering-weight yarn. The possible combinations for this wrap are so vast, and the achieved results can be so diverse… ANY color combination will work and will give you a beautiful piece, but remember this will be a big wrap and you will want to wear it. So go for colors that compliment your wardrobe and make you feel happy!

We recommend our Walkabout – Fingering and Freckles – Walkabout for this project. We have also put together a few Starting Point Kit ideas to tickle the imagination.

Some Roads Do Lead to SAFF
Be sure to mark your calendars for the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF) 2017! The event proper will be held from Thursday to Sunday, October 26-29. The event is located at the WNC Agricultural Center, in Fletcher, NC.

The Fibre Studio’s booth will be located in the Davis Arena in Booths 336 & 338.

While there are classes (registration info here) being held on Thursday, there is no shopping or selling until: Fri & Sat, October 27-28, 9am – 6pm AND Sun, October 29, 9am – 4pm

Kindness and Hope Abound
It’s October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and our Save the Knockers Campaign is still going strong. We’ve decided to extend our sponsorship (by donating free knockers yarn to those who sign up at our studio) of the Knitted project. Further, one of our dyers (Glenda T) has knit a beautiful shawlette from pattern called Kindness by designer Jaala Spiro in our color way Hope, part of our Fifty Shades of Gradient™ lineup. The pattern is currently free on Ravelry and makes a beautiful gift for self or someone you love.

Not a pink fan but still want to spread a little hope and kindness? Take a look at Wicked or Eastwick, vibrant and fun colors for those who want to make something “For Good” during the Halloween and autumn season!
Happy and peaceful stitching, y’all!

The Fall Crawl and No Shawls, Y’all

Hi Everyone,
The Charlotte Area Yarn Crawl is in full swing, and crawlers and yarnies alike are looking for those special projects and color ways to get them in a makin’ frame of mind.

While we absolutely love our shawls, y’all, this week we are going to feature (in one instance revisit) some of our recently favored sweater patterns. Yes, it is still possible to add a new staple to your wardrobe WITH time enough to actually enjoy it during the fall and winter months.

Granito by Joji Locatelli
Designed by Joji Locatelli as part of her FAVORITE THINGS collection, Granito is a pullover with a relaxed fit and big pockets on the sides. Perfect for lounging and relaxing, it will become a valued wardrobe staple.

This sweater is worked seamlessly from the top down and has 6-8 inches of positive ease. Further, the designer has made available the bust, body, and arm circumference measurements as well as the sleeve and body length measurements.

Tegna by Caitlin Hunter
By independent designer, Caitlin Hunter, Tegna is a lightweight t-shirt pullover, which is knitted seamlessly from the bottom up, beginning with the slightly flared lace hem, working up to the armholes, where you separate your work and work the front and back flat.

Knit in fingering weight yarn, this design works equally well in many fibers and can be made with less body ease. Instructions are given to customize the body and sleeve lengths to your preference to ensure this is the prettiest tee in your wardrobe.

Winter Wheat by Atelier Alfa
Winter Wheat (not to be confused with our color way of the same name) is an asymmetrical cardigan by Atelier Alfa (aka AlfaKnits) with large textured stripes and an eccentric construction.

Winter Wheat is worked top down and sideways at the same time. The left front and the collar are worked in one piece and the top stripes wrap around the neck as a shawl. This special construction ensures the left front falls straight and the right front more fluidly.

VNeck Boxy by Joji Locatelli
Designed by Joji Locatelli as the encore to her best-selling Boxy, this vneck version includes a different neckline. Like the original, the VNeck Boxy is also worked from the top down to please most knitters’ preference for this method. As with the original pattern, both versions include the knitted flat and in the round instructions.

Further, the ribbing found at the shoulders and down the top of the arms ensure there is no pulling or puckering in the one spot that most frustrates many makers.

For those of you who could not make it to the Queen City for our Charlotte Area Yarn Crawl, please note that our online store and shipping options allow us to send some of our local fiber yumminess from our door to yours, pretty much no matter where you are. Some of our latest yarns and swag developed with the fall crawl in mind are featured below for your convenience. Just let your mouse do your crawlin’ for you!


Happy crawling and happy stitching, y’all!

Dog Days of Summer Sale – Our Biggest Ever

Hi All,
Those hot, humid August days are upon us. The fans emit a slight burning smell as they labor so industriously to keep us cool. And, if it wasn’t humid enough already, we like to boil large vats of water for various purposes here in the studio. Our skin looks great….our hair, not so much.
The one cool customer who says it’s time to shake up the lethargy and create some fun is studio dog, Lola. She says, “Bring it on, y’all!” [Maybe not in those exact words woofs.] So….here we are with OUR BIGGEST EVER SALE dedicated to Lola and those dog days of summer.

During the sale, from August 1-5, 2017, add your items to the cart and then at checkout, enter the appropriate discount code for your purchase amount as shown below.

Exclusions: This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or sales. It cannot be applied to previous purchases. Items in our Spin and Weave Collection are not included. Sale ends at 11:59pm on August 5, 2017 EDT.

Qualifying Items Include:

We don’t make any promises that this sale will cool things down, but it sure is fun to throw shade on the bland and the blah and perk things up a bit.

Stay cool and peaceful stitching, y’all!

Shades of Summer

Hi Everyone!

As many of us have just realized, we are heading towards summer at a pretty quick clip. How did this just happen? Along with summer’s incipient return, we have projects and color ways to revisit.

Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day…parades and fireworks and Sousa marches…it’s a great time to show off the Red, White & Blue. It is also apropos in support of our allies as we remember Manchester this weekend while their red, white, and blue Union Jack is at half-mast. Thus, we’ve invited our color way Old Glory back for a visit. Available in three product lines: 1) a gradient cake from our Fifty Shades of Gradient™ line, 2) a Freckles – Fingering skein, and 3) a Color Play Kit (CPK5) for those looking to make a more generously-sized project.

We are still taking orders for Sunshine Coast, our summer KAL. This pullover, by designer Heidi Kirrmaier, is quite simple in appearance, but comes with a few little design details that make it special. The A-line body shape is flattering on many body types. It is intended to fit with ½ to 3 inches of ease at the bust.

Knit entirely seamlessly from the top down, it is also quite easy to execute. The side details are formed through basic increases and decreases.

The gauge as written is suitable for a heavy DK or light worsted yarn, however, it can be turned into a four-season garment by knitting it loosely in a fingering-weight yarn. We recommend several of our yarn bases for this pattern.

If you want to create a loosely knit, light-weight sweater, select Merino Bamboo – Fingering, Cotton Bamboo – Fingering, SW Merino – Fingering, or Walkabout – Fingering.

If you are a stickler for following a pattern or a nervous knitter–no problemo. Simply select Cotton Bamboo – Worsted or SW Merino – Lt Worsted as your base.

If you order your yarn by Wednesday, May 31, it will be available to ship or to pick up by or at our June 10 World Wide Knit in Public Day Celebration so you can knit a long with us and with your greater fiber community.

Enjoy a safe and happy holiday weekend and, as always, peaceful stitching!

A Love Poem (or Two) For You

Two Hearts are red.
Violets Are Blue.
We’ve got a color,
Just perfect for you.

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to show you some of the goodies we’ve skeined and labeled just in time for our Valentine’s Day Sale. Customers will receive a 15% off discount via our eShop here on February 14-15 (using coupon code MORELUV at checkout) or in our retail shop on Wednesday, February 15, when we will be open from 10am to 5pm.



Mary, Mary quite contrary,
How did your yarn stash grow?
With Fifty and Freckles,

Tonals and speckles,
You’re all just diggin’ it,
I know!

Hope to see you soon! Peaceful stitching, y’all!

Magickal Colors

Hi Everyone! We wanted to share two of our newest color ways with you.

Glenda of the EastThe first is Glenda of the East, a new color way in our Fifty Shades of Gradient family. Not to be confused with Glinda of the North, the good witch…our Glenda is named after one of our color-savvy dyers here at The Fibre Studio. This gorgeous color way has an amazing range, going from a fathomless blue to deep teal to avocado to a redwood to a plum. It is currently available in two size [4 oz (approx 560 yds) or 7 oz (approx 980 yds)] gradient cakes on our eShop here.

The second is Confetti Western, our latest offering in our Freckles line of speckled yarn. This fun and playful color runs the gamut of all things confetti–channeling party favors and wrapping paper and cupcake sprinkles. Confetti Western is a fantastic complement to tonals and gradients from the most subtle to the eye-popping. It is currently available in two size [4 oz (approx 560 yds) or 8 oz (approx 1120 yds)] skeins on our eShop here.

Is anyone ready for Spring yet? I don’t know about you, but I need some magick or confetti in my life.

Peaceful stitching, y’all!