Bonnie and Clyde (Inspired by the Cinema)

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Bonnie and Clyde (1967), the story of real-life bank robbers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow as depicted by Warner Brothers. This movie was one of the sixties’ most discussed, volatile and controversial crime [slash] gangster films combining comedy, terror, love, and as-never-before-seen violence.

While we won’t discuss (here) how this movie changed, even possibly romanticized, violence in film for future generations, what we will discuss is why this was possible.

For all the tragedy inherent in the real-life stories of both Parker and Barrow, the on-screen beauty of Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, as well as the 1930’s glamour so amatorily reproduced and edited by Warner Brothers Studios, portrayed a captivating and oft-emulated style thus launching the film to world-wide success.

The Fibre Studio is excited to announce we have scheduled a yarn-centric movie event, celebrating both the golden anniversary of this polemical film as well as 1930’s color and glamour by combining a new Fifty Shades of Gradient™ color way with a big-screen viewing of the 1967 movie, hosted by Fathom Events. Information is as follows:

Who: Limited Number of Lucky Fibre Studio Customers
What: Bonnie and Clyde Movie Event
When: Wednesday, August 16, 2-4:30pm [Attendees should arrive at the theater by 1:30pm to pick up their tickets, yarn, and purchase refreshments if desired.]
Where: Regal Stonecrest Cinemas [7824 Rea Rd | Charlotte 28277 | 844-462-7342]
Cost: $50
Includes: One 4-ounce cake of our new Fifty Shades of Gradient™ (approx 560 yards) in a new color way we are calling Joplin (history buffs will “get” the name) and a group ticket to see a big-screen showing of the movie.
Exclusions: This color way, inspired by the film, will be dyed in limited quantities as a debut for event-goers only and WILL NOT be revealed until the event. Joplin will not reappear for sale until The Charlotte Area Yarn Crawl in the fall.

Event tickets may be purchased at our online store here. We hope you join us for this inspired event.

Happy stitching, y’all!

Making Memories (Inspired by the Cinema)

One of our favorite quotes is, “We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.”

This state of “being in the moment” or of “being present” begets the opportunity to create or grow memories. Sometimes these memories are revisited by a sensory experience or by what’s happening in our immediate environment. The Fibre Studio often uses these experiences when developing new color ways to share with our fiber community.

Our latest yarn club was Inspired by the Cinema yet evokes the warm memories that arise due to a holiday season spent with family and friends. Whether you’re looking at old photos, watching home movies (or even those classic holiday marathons from the cinema), or snuggled up in front of the fire dressed in your new knits hugging the ones you love…you’ll totally understand the warm, rosy glow of our Then in Paris color way.


Then in Paris was inspired by the 1951 musical An American in Paris, which celebrated its 65th birthday in 2016. This movie, allowing a glimpse into the life of an expat artist living in Paris, is all about dance/movement, music, and nostalgia. The movie’s hero loves the people and the atmosphere of Paris with all the exuberance of an American puppy. Not yet acclimated to the Parisian ennui he confronts regularly, he looks through eyes tinted by rose-colored glasses as he falls in love, loses, and then reclaims his girl and his new city.

In other words, this man was living life–creating memories by having fun, embracing love, and staying in the moment. He even danced in the rain like no one was watching. Although we were, and have been, for the last 65 years.

Let us know what you think about our new color way, and let us know what evokes your memories!

Happy stitching, y’all!