Navigating Rainbows

Hi Everyone,
This week we rejoin Dorothy as she continues her journey towards Oz, update you on Gemstones, and prove that knitting “for good” can be “wicked” fun.

February Gemstone
No matter if you’re an Aquarius or a Pisces, we say Happy Birthday to the February babies out there! As a continuation of our 2019 gemstones whimsy, we offer Amethyst, the February birthstone.

We offer this lovely purple in our Bo Peep format. Our Bo Peeps are new color ways, for which we will take pre-order sales only. While we offer them on multiple bases (including yarn weights perfect for sweaters), this color way will be on sale only through February 20, 2019.

The Wizard of Oz Yarn Club
In celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the movie The Wizard of Oz, we continue to tell the story, delve into the cast and characters as well as other trivia, which gave this movie such color and magic.

We last left Dorothy in a quandry. After a nasty incident, the horrid  Miss Almira Gulch is seeking an order for Toto to be euthanized. Dorothy tries to tell Auntie Em, Uncle Henry, and the farm hands what happened, but no one will listen. Dorothy pesters Auntie Em so much that Auntie Em tells Dorothy to “go find a place where you won’t get into any trouble.”

This prompts Dorothy to walk off by herself, musing to Toto, “Some place where there isn’t any trouble. Do you suppose there is such a place, Toto? There must be. It’s not a place you can get to by a boat, or a train. It’s far, far away. Behind the moon, beyond the rain…”, at which point she begins singing, “Over the Rainbow,” the pivotal award-winning song and mainstay of the movie.

Yes…award-winning…and it was almost cut from the movie, can you believe it? MGM chief executive Louis B. Mayer and producer Mervyn LeRoy thought it “slowed down the picture” and sounded “like something for Jeanette MacDonald, not for a little girl singing in a barnyard.” Other producers, Judy Garlands’ voice coaches, and most of the cast talked the big wigs into keeping the song…thankfully, and thereafter, history was made.

Our second (February) yarn club  offering is Over the Rainbow, a brilliantly-hued gradient and our dedication to the famous song. While actually sung during a period in the movie, which was black and white and sienna, the colorful descriptions in the song hint at the potential for color in the movie and in life…if we only seek it.

Other bits of Over the Rainbow trivia include: (1) There was to be an additional verse sung while Dorothy was imprisoned in the castle as the hourglass ran out. The scene was cut from the movie, but the actual recording of the additional verse was saved and can be found on celebratory releases of the movie’s soundtrack. (2) The American Film Institute voted  “Over the Rainbow” the best movie song on their 100 Years…100 Songs list. (3) After The Wizard of Oz appeared in 1939, “Over the Rainbow” became Garland’s signature song. She performed it for thirty years, singing it just as she had for the film. She said she wanted to remain true to the character of Dorothy and to the message of being somewhere over the rainbow.

Knitting for Good
We want to remind our readership that our C-KAL (charity knit-along) is in full swing, and we even have a new group on our Facebook Page called Knitting and Giving. Participants are knitting booties, small doll clothing, and other fun bits that, when placed in welcome baskets and given to families arriving at Ronald McDonald House, provide a welcome distraction from illness and worry.

Debbie will provide yarn for anyone who may want to participate but does not have stash from which to pull. Pauline Philip (our visionary) will be available on most Wednesday mornings at Open Knit/Crochet, and Sheri Balke will be available on most Thursdays (after 11:30am) to offer guidance and support. Knitters of all skill levels, with hearts of gold, are welcome to participate.

Want to know what we’re deweing? Pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook (we post changes to our business hours here), and Instagram as well as on our website at (we post changes to our business hours here).

Happy stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew