Replacement Post: February Newes Knitting for Good

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the duplicate post. The first was mistakenly sent without all the active links.

This week we are announcing a new Charity KAL (C-KAL), a new gem, a series of photos that provide wiki-nspiration, and are continuing our jaunt along the yellow brick road.

February Gemstone
As a continuation of our 2019 gemstones whimsy, we offer Amethyst, the February birthstone.

We offer this lovely purple in our Bo Peep format. Our Bo Peeps are new color ways, for which we will take pre-order sales only. While we offer them on multiple bases (including yarn weights perfect for sweaters). This color way will be on sale through February 20, 2019.

Each year Wikipedia calls for beautiful and diverse photos of our planet for their Wiki Loves Earth blog. Click here to see some of the most beautiful photography depicting the varied topography of the far reaches of our planet. My….aren’t we just the lucky Earthlings?

Totally Gaga for Toto
There are still a few skeins of our color Toto available from the first month of our Wizard of Oz Club. This color way is amazeballs in person; the photos just don’t do it justice.

While there will be twelve color ways developed to tell the story of how Dorothy made her way to the wonderful land of Oz, each color way is dyed in limited quantities and will not be repeated. Get yours before they….melt away.

Ronald McDonald House Knits
The Fibre Studio is happy to announce a new 2019 Charity Knit-a-long, which will begin in February. Our dear friend and yarnie, Pauline Philip, recently shared a box of knitted magic that she planned to donate to the Charlotte Ronald McDonald House.  Pauline knit multiple booties, Mary Janes, and little slippers. There were also adorable outfits, hats and clothing, for little wood peg dolls (both safe, cheerful and engaging for small children). These items provide a much-needed, safe distraction at the Ronald McDonald House, when placed in welcome baskets and given to arriving families. There are so many free patterns, which fit our Mission and which we will soon share (some Pauline created and some free on Ravelry).

In this Charity knitting endeavor, we hope to create top-quality items that will be used and loved, all while meeting the standards of this wonderful institution, which gives so much to so many battling cancer. Debbie will provide yarn for anyone who may want to participate and who does not have stash from which to pull.  Again, we will strive to provide only top-quality items for these battling families.  Pauline will be available on most Wednesday mornings at Open Knit/Crochet, and Sheri Balke will be available on most Thursdays (after 11:30am) to offer guidance and support. More information and pattern details to come.

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Happy stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew