In All Their Gourdgeousness…ness

Hi Everyone,
We are celebrating gourds and autumn scenes and are anticipating a Thanksgiving holiday filled with joy and fun and shopping.

A Few of Our Favorite Things
For those of you who are seeking new projects or want to revisit old friends for use with newly-stashed color ways, visit our Favorites board on Ravelry. This special group of bundles features projects in One-Skein Wonders, Dynamic Duos, Triple Treats, and more.

Gourdgeous Fall Colors
The leaves haven’t fallen completely here in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. We are still inspired by all those luminous color combinations. Here are some of our favorites below.
We love our Mountaineer in Fifty Shades of Gradient™ paired with our Mountaineer in Freckles. We think it’s a gourdgeous combination. Want to go for a bigger project? Add a skein of Silver to this combination to go big or go home!




A maker can never go wrong with the deep hues of Nantahala. We love our gradient in Fifty Shades of Gradient™ paired with Deep Woods Red and the variegated Nantahala. Want to go deep and rich instead? Pair either the variegated or gradient with Espresso and completely change the feel of this statement color way.


During our recent trip to the Asheville, NC area for SAFF, we saw so many creeks and rivers swollen with the omnipresent rains. Wet cliff faces and river rocks were seen everywhere, and we love this combination of Stone in Fifty Shades of Gradient™ paired with Chestnut and Snow at Midnight.




BFSSCM Weekend Sale
Stay tuned for our upcoming Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday deals. While the brick and mortar studio will be closed over the Thanksgiving Holiday, our online store is open 24/7, and we will offer on-line specials on those three days that are not available at any other time of the year.

Want to know what we’re deweing? Pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook (we post changes to our business hours here), and Instagram as well as on our website at (we post changes to our business hours here).

Happy stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew

Shifts & SAFF & Secrets, Oh My

Hi Everyone,
It’s that fabulous fiber-centric time of year again. Hip Hip Hurray for Fall! This week we want to talk SAFF, secret color ways, splendid kits for shifts and feathers, and treats (no tricks) of course! After all, Halloween is just around the corner!

A Return to Wicked and Sleepy Hollow
Fly your freaky fun flag and choose a Fifty Shades of Gradient™ in color ways Wicked (below left) or in Sleepy Hollow (below right). We bring these colors back a few weeks each autumn for those of you who want to make something “For Good.” Available in both 4 oz (approx 560 yards) or 7 oz (approx 980 yards) cakes of squeezable, fluffy 2-ply fingering 100% Superwash Merino yarn. Makers will find that adventure awaits in every skein.

Birds of a Feather Shift Together
One of our latest and favoritest is the Birds of a Feather (below right) shawl by designer Andrea Mowry. We’ve created the softest kits for this project and think this is a textural project that will bring hours of pleasure to the maker.
Another of our newest addKNITctions is The Shift, a cowl pattern (top left) also by designer Andrea Mowry. We’ve created some fun, limited-time-only kits for this project as well. We chose our Studio Solo fiber in color combinations surely to fool the viewer into thinking this cowl was woven and not knit. We admit we’re obsessed!

Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair
The Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF) will be held October 26-28, 2018. The Fibre Studio can again be found in the Davis Arena, only this time in booths 336 & 338.

This is one of the largest fiber festivals in the southeast and is a perfect opportunity to schedule a girls’ day out or even a weekend retreat. Be prepared to learn about fiber-producing live stock, take classes, shop, and generally have a total blast.

The Fibre Studio loves to offer a mystery color way each year at SAFF. This year, we took our inspiration from our own greater Charlotte, North Carolina area with our newest offering Catawba in our Fifty Shades of Gradient™ line. The color way is beautifully-hued and reminiscent of the flora, fauna, and waterways in the area. It may just be our favorite SAFF mystery color yet.

We are currently taking online pre-orders until October 19 and can bring those pre-orders to SAFF if instructed during checkout. Order yours today because the inventory we bring to SAFF often goes very quickly.

Want to know what we’re deweing? Pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook (we post changes to our business hours here), and Instagram as well as on our website at (we post changes to our business hours here).

Happy stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew

Tilting Cowls, Strings ‘n Things

Hi All,
This week we have another beautiful sample to share as well as a mini fiber wiki. We also want to revisit our Save the Knockers Campaign. We hope this information will encourage shoppers to try new fibers or help identify better yarns choices for specific project types when they are out and about at festivals, fairs, and shows.

Tilted Cowl by Jenny F
This uniquely-shaped cowl by designer Jenny F. may be the perfect marriage of cowl and shawl. Instead of the standard tubular shape, this cowl begins simply in the round but then branches out and grows like a shawl as it comes to a point on one side. It gives you the warmth and comfort around the neck while the length of the cowl comes to a point without having to worry about ends falling off the shoulders, coming untied, or creating a lump under your sweater or coat.

We love our Sea Song – Fingering and Cashmere Silk – Fingering for this project.

Strings ‘n Things
As many of you travel to SAFF and other fall fiber shows, you may encounter exotic fibers or terminology, which may be unknown to you. All fibers have inherent characteristics, which make them both unique and appropriate for certain projects or garments. Below are some of these terms and fibers and their basic characteristics.

Fleece: A woolen coat of a domestic sheep, long-haired goat, or other (usually domesticated pack) animal, especially after being sheared (but before being processed into yarn or thread).
Wool: Made from the fleece of sheep, it is the mother of all yarns and threads and remains the most popular choice for yarns. Types of wool include (but are not limited to) Merino, lambswool, Shetland wool, and Icelandic wool.
Superwash Merino/Wool: Woolen fleece, which has been processed to remove the outer scales of the fiber, thus removing the natural fuzzy crimping properties, which could cause it to felt. This “washable” wool can be machine-washed, although it is usually recommended to wash on gentle cycles or in a laundry bag and dried flat. This informative article on how the superwash industry made a comeback in the USA was shared by Christina O. (thank you) recently on social media.
Alpaca: The natural fleece harvested from an alpaca of which there are two varieties–the Suri and Huacaya. It is soft, durable, luxurious, and silky and, while similar to sheep’s wool, it is warmer, not prickly, and has no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. Alpaca is naturally water-repellent and flame-resistant.
Angora: The fur of the Angora rabbit. Angora is known for its softness, thin fibers, and what makers refer to as a halo (fluffiness). It is rare to see 100% Angora due both to the expense and pilling/felting properties of the fiber; it is usually mixed with another fiber like superwash wool or silk to strengthen the fiber.
Mohair: The hair of the Angora goat. Resilient and noted for its high luster and sheen. Mohair is warm in winter, while remaining cool in summer due to its moisture-wicking properties. It is durable, naturally elastic, flame-resistant and crease-resistant.
Cashmere: The fleece or fiber from a cashmere (or familial) goat that is technically a form of wool. The word cashmere is an old spelling of the Kashmir northernmost geographical region of South Asia also known for its very fine sapphires. Cashmere is finer, stronger, lighter, softer, and approximately three times more insulating than sheep’s wool.
Silk: A natural protein fiber composed mainly of fibroin, produced by certain insect larvae. The shimmering appearance of silk is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk fiber, which allows silk textiles to refract incoming light at different angles, thus producing different colors. Silk is the strongest natural fiber known to man and is often blended with other shorter and weaker fibers to increase both beauty and durability.
Cotton: A soft, fluffy staple fiber grown in a hard, prickly cotton boll (the real irony is how soft are cotton “balls”). Cotton is a versatile and breathable fabric and is the most widely used plant fiber in the textile industry. It does, however, grow and stretch when it is wet so it is not the best fiber for items that have some heft or length. It will also shrink under extremely hot conditions. Remnants of cotton fabrics have been found pulled from prehistoric sites.
Rayon of Bamboo: Fiber created from the cellulose extracted from bamboo plants. It is considered a semi-synthetic fiber because the cellulose is chemically-altered, however, it makes a fiber that is strong with a lovely sheen (similar to silk blends) and is beautifully paired with other fibers like cotton and merino.
Tweed: Yarn which has a primary background color but is flecked with different colors usually during the spinning or plying process. Tweed (or twilled) textiles are created with purposeful flecks often in patterns like herringbone or houndstooth.
Heather: Yarn spun from fleeces pre-mixed with different color natural or dyed fibers.
Marled/Ragg: A plied yarn in which the individual plies or strands are of different colors.

We Still Think Pink in October
We have NOT lost sight of the fact that it is STILL October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we are fully committed to our Save the Knockers Campaign, which is still going strong. Our sponsorship (donating free knockers yarn to those who sign up at our studio) of the Knitted project will extend into next year. Further, one of our dyers (Glenda T) has knit a beautiful shawlette from pattern called Kindness (bottom right) by designer Jaala Spiro in our color way Hope, part of our Fifty Shades of Gradient™ lineup. The pattern is currently free on Ravelry and makes a beautiful gift for self or someone you love.

Safe travels and happy stitching, y’all!

Mission Possible

Hi All,
This week we are going to share a lovely new shop sample, provide Ravelry links to our favorite projects (by project types and yarn quantities) and ply you with enough information on SAFF to enable you to grow your stash to great effect, with minimal effort. Should you choose to accept this mission (queue music here)….

Inara Wrap by Ambah O’Brien
The Inara Wrap (studio sample at left knit by Sue C. in our color ways Belize and Business Suit) may just be the blank slate on which you paint your own personality. Select two sets of gradient yarns for a rich ombre, or mix and match from your stash favorites.

The pattern is written for three sizes. We recommend two, 4-ounce cakes of our Fifty Shades of Gradient™ for the short and simple version (i.e. fewer ends to weave in). The medium and long versions can be created using a main color way in SW Merino – Fingering along with either 5- or 6-skein Color Play Kit. The options are limitless.

Ravelry Bundles
Each year about this time, we like to highlight some of our favorite knit and crochet projects by yarn requirements (bundled in Ravelry) so our customers and social media followers may organize their stashes and their shopping for maximum effect.

Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF)
Are you ready for the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF) 2017?! We are busily preparing for this annual event, located practically in our back yard. The event proper will be held from Thursday to Sunday, October 26-29. The event is located at the WNC Agricultural Center, in Fletcher, NC. The Fibre Studio’s booth will be located in the Davis Arena in Booths 336 & 338.

While there are classes (registration info here) being held on Thursday, there is no shopping or selling until: Fri & Sat, October 27-28, 9am – 6pm AND Sun, October 29, 9am – 4pm

SAFF Mystery Color Way: This year’s mystery SAFF color is absolutely gorgeous, and we’ve appropriately named it Nantahala. We are taking pre-orders through October 18 so customers are assured of receiving a cake of this luscious color way for pick up at SAFF (we always run out) or immediate shipping thereafter. Get yours now while there’s still have enough time to make something gorgeous to enjoy for fall and winter. Nantahala orders placed after October 18 will not be dyed until November.

Please Note: The Fibre Studio will be CLOSED to the public from October 25-29 in preparation for and traveling to SAFF. Online orders received during this time will be processed upon our return. Thank you for your patience as always.

Happy traveling and stitching, y’all!

October Newes

Hi Everyone,
The Fibre Studio Ewe Crew is both sad and exhilarated this week. We are sad because the long-awaited yarn crawl is over, and yet we are so happy to have been able to see everyone!

Flash Your Stash
What did ewe add to your stash during the Charlotte Yarn Crawl? Flash Your Stash on our Facebook Events Page here! We will randomly pick a flasher’s name for a small prize on October 11…so bare (your stash, that is) if you dare.

October is another busy dyeing and event-centric month for us. Check out these upcoming events and sneak peeks to stay in the yarn over loop.

Save the Knockers Campaign
Thank YOU to all the makers who supported our Save the Knockers Campaign and who have already returned your completed Knitted Knockers to us. Please note we decided to continue this community project for the entire next calendar year and will continue to provide the Knitted Knockers kits at no charge (must be picked up AT and returned TO our studio on Griffith Street) for any who would like to continue to support this worthwhile endeavor.

Trunk Show at Admit Ewe Knit
On Saturday, October 7 we are taking the show back on the road…this time to our state capital Raleigh, North Carolina.

Baaathsheba will tow her little cart of pretty yarns up to Admit Ewe Knit yarn shop. Proprietor, Sara Mims is graciously hosting our visit, and we are excited to return to Raleigh with some of our newest color ways and yarn bases. If you’re in the area, come see us! Ewe know ewe want to!

Spinning Saturday
Attention all spinners! With the weather cooling a bit, we are planning to have our regularly-scheduled Sit & Spin open event on October 7 at the studio. Please note: There will be no retail on Oct 6-7 as our yarn is traveling (note above).

Spooktacular Yarns
All Hallows Eve (or Halloween) is just around the corner, and many crafters like to use holiday-inspired yarns. We’ve brought back a favorite for this season’s Monster Mash. On the left is gradient Wicked, which we’ve paired with Slip Sliming Away (center) in our Freckles – Fingering as well as Eastwick, another new color in our Fifty Shades of Gradient™ line. Order yours today before they fly off the shelves.


Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF)
Be sure to mark your calendars for SAFF 2017! The event proper will be held from Friday to Sunday, October 27-29. The Fibre Studio’s booth will be located in the Davis Arena
(unrelated to Debbie) in Booths 336 & 338.

Open for Business:
Fri & Sat, October 27-28 – (9am – 6pm)
Sun, October 29 – (9am – 4pm)

The event is located at the WNC Agricultural Center, in Fletcher, NC.

As an indie dyer, we are always pleased to offer a new mystery SAFF colorway. This year’s color is gorgeous, and we’ve named it Nantahala. Debbie knit a shawl sample in a fantastic Laura Aylor design called Touchstone. Grab this (currently) free pattern and place a pre-order for your cake of Nantahala so you are assured of receiving a cake of this luscious color way at SAFF (we always run out) and still have enough time to make something gorgeous to enjoy for fall and winter.

Please Note: The Fibre Studio will be CLOSED to the public from October 25-29 in preparation for and traveling to SAFF. Online orders received during this time will be processed upon our return. Thank you for your patience as always.

Happy traveling and stitching, y’all!

SAFF ‘n Staff

We are in count down mode! It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for–the Southeast Animal Fiber Fair is here!

Held from October 28-30 at the WNC Agricultural Center in Fletcher, North Carolina, you can find us in the Davis Arena just down from the cafe in Booth 3. Here are the driving directions and fairgrounds venue map for reference.

We are very excited about our SAFF 2016 (Mountain Thistle) color way, which is not yet available in the studio but will be available at our SAFF booth. The new color way will be available in a Fifty Shades of Gradient cake, Walkabout – Fingering, Cashmere Silk – Fingering, SW Merino – Fingering, a Color Play Kit six-skein set, AND the Multi-Textured Shawl Kit (containing Nylon Ribbon, SW Merino – Bulky, Brushed Mohair, Baby Loopi, Grande Loopi, and Thick/Thin Nubby fibers). Come by our booth to get your Fibre Studio exclusive!

The lovely SAFF 2016 gradient moves from a silvery blue to sage to plum to purple and knits up beautifully. Our employee Glenda test knit the newest shawl pattern for designer Brianna K called Dawn to Dusk in our SAFF 2016 color (above top left). While the pattern called for a smaller skein, Glenda just kept repeating the pattern until she used the entire cake and created a generously-sized shawl, which showcased all the colors in the gradient.

We were really excited to see that the designer ALSO used our Fifty Shades of Gradient in color way Mountaineer for her project (above top right). Note: Her pattern is available on Ravelry through October 30 for 40% off. See her project notes for promo code and further details.

Store Hours Update: Due to the majority of our staff visiting SAFF this weekend, the Fibre Studio will NOT be open to the public until Wednesday, November 2 from 10am-2pm (limited hours) for Open Knit & Crochet in the studio. (Feel free to bring a brown bag lunch if you’d like to come and knit and share your SAFF treasures with us.) 

We will reopen for normal business hours from Thursday to Friday (Nov 3-4), from 10am to 5pm as well as the first Saturday (Nov 5), from 10am to 4pm for Sit & Spin Saturdays and for Stephen West MKAL participants.

Safe travels to SAFF and happy stitching, y’all!


SAFF, Spinning and Stitches

Hey Everyone! It’s that time of year when the area’s fiber community is buzzing with activities. We wanted to share a few of them with you.

Mosaic Stitch Patterns & Kits
We’ve identified three beautiful mosaic stitch shawl patterns (all use the same ratio of two contrasting colors of yarn) and created kits for them, which are available on our eShop here. The patterns are Eifelgold by Melanie Berg, The Girl in Me by Melanie Berg, and Walk in the Woods by Lisa Hannes. The mosaic stitch is created simply by using the slip stitch in various places to create right angles. In all three shawls, only one color is worked at a time so the patterns are interesting without being frustrating or complicated.


Note: Because the total yardage required for these shawls is a nice even eight ounces, buying two 8-ounce skeins in contrasting colors allows the maker(s) to get TWO of these lovely shawls knit from two skeins of yarn. What a great mini KAL opportunity for you and a friend or family member to knit shawls together, which result in complementary but not matching shawls. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and November being Memory Awareness Month, these shawls provide another way to buddy up WITH or knit FOR someone you care about.

All About That Bass SAFF!
The Southeast Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF) is almost here! It will be held October 28-30 at the WNC Agricultural Center in Fletcher, North Carolina. We wanted to post some logistics information like driving directions and fairgrounds venue map for those of you who plan to attend. For those of you who had not planned to attend, PLEASE change your mind! Ha! It’s just such a great opportunity to play, browse, and buy your favorite supplies, notions and yarns…some of which will only be available at the fair. It’s also a great way to meet and greet the woolly animals and artisans who actually produce these products we love so much.

For this 2016 fair, The Fibre Studio will be located in the Davis Arena. While it is NOT the Debbie Davis Arena :o) we are sure happy to be placed there. We will be in Booth 3 right down the same row from the cafe. Stay tuned as there will be more to come…

Sit & Spin Saturdays
Sit & Spin Saturdays have begun at The Fibre Studio at Yarns to Dye For. We welcome spinners on the first Saturday of each month to bring their wheels, roving, and even a bag lunch if desired to our studio to share your spinning projects and interests with other like-minded spinners. All skill levels welcome. The Fibre Studio is open on the first Saturday of the month, from 10am to 4pm. We update these activities via Facebook.

Enjoy the beautiful fall colors and happy stitching, y’all!