Shifts & SAFF & Secrets, Oh My

Hi Everyone,
It’s that fabulous fiber-centric time of year again. Hip Hip Hurray for Fall! This week we want to talk SAFF, secret color ways, splendid kits for shifts and feathers, and treats (no tricks) of course! After all, Halloween is just around the corner!

A Return to Wicked and Sleepy Hollow
Fly your freaky fun flag and choose a Fifty Shades of Gradient™ in color ways Wicked (below left) or in Sleepy Hollow (below right). We bring these colors back a few weeks each autumn for those of you who want to make something “For Good.” Available in both 4 oz (approx 560 yards) or 7 oz (approx 980 yards) cakes of squeezable, fluffy 2-ply fingering 100% Superwash Merino yarn. Makers will find that adventure awaits in every skein.

Birds of a Feather Shift Together
One of our latest and favoritest is the Birds of a Feather (below right) shawl by designer Andrea Mowry. We’ve created the softest kits for this project and think this is a textural project that will bring hours of pleasure to the maker.
Another of our newest addKNITctions is The Shift, a cowl pattern (top left) also by designer Andrea Mowry. We’ve created some fun, limited-time-only kits for this project as well. We chose our Studio Solo fiber in color combinations surely to fool the viewer into thinking this cowl was woven and not knit. We admit we’re obsessed!

Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair
The Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF) will be held October 26-28, 2018. The Fibre Studio can again be found in the Davis Arena, only this time in booths 336 & 338.

This is one of the largest fiber festivals in the southeast and is a perfect opportunity to schedule a girls’ day out or even a weekend retreat. Be prepared to learn about fiber-producing live stock, take classes, shop, and generally have a total blast.

The Fibre Studio loves to offer a mystery color way each year at SAFF. This year, we took our inspiration from our own greater Charlotte, North Carolina area with our newest offering Catawba in our Fifty Shades of Gradient™ line. The color way is beautifully-hued and reminiscent of the flora, fauna, and waterways in the area. It may just be our favorite SAFF mystery color yet.

We are currently taking online pre-orders until October 19 and can bring those pre-orders to SAFF if instructed during checkout. Order yours today because the inventory we bring to SAFF often goes very quickly.

Want to know what we’re deweing? Pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook (we post changes to our business hours here), and Instagram as well as on our website at (we post changes to our business hours here).

Happy stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew

We Are Smitten

Hi Everyone,
We hope you are enjoying these long and languid dog days of summer. This week we introduce a new fiber base, new kits for a new project, and made the decision to keep our treasure chest replenished.

Studio Smitten
Our latest fiber offering is Studio Smitten, a squishy, three-ply fingering-weight yarn with exquisite hand feel and stitch definition. The blend is made up of 80% Superwash Merino | 10% Cashmere | 10% Silk and is sold in 3.5-ounce (100 gram) skeins of approximately 406 yards.

This fiber is a beautifully-soft addition to our studio and is perfect for those sweater,  shawl, and other multi-season projects where drape, flexibility, and lighter-weight (density) is desirable.

Acoma Pullover
The Acoma (ACK-uh-muh) by designer Casapinka is a top-down sweater that is inspired by the pottery of the Acoma along with the beautiful skies that you see from Acoma Sky City in New Mexico. It is written to have 2” of positive ease. Two pretty lace panels separate areas of stranded knitting for a unique yoke with scalloped accents. This is a fairly fast sweater to knit, with subtle side seams and a casual fit.

The Fibre Studio has put together two Acoma kit options for this sweater. The first is in our new Studio Smitten and the second is in our Studio Sox.

Crown Jewels
While The Fibre Studio may have created these dynamic, 12-color kits for designer Casapinka’s The Crown Wools MKAL, we have decided these treasures should remain available for our customers on an on-going basis. Each of our Crown jEWEls kits contains twelve, 1-ounce skeins of our SW Merino – Fingering base, which are approximately 140 yards each (~1,680 yards total in kit).

Our color ways including Cherokee, Eastwick, Nouveau Rainbow, River Rock, Seaside, and Tourmaline. We will continue to offer these kits as an in-stock-only item in the future. With these color options, your fiber community will be green (or sapphire or citrine) with envy!

Want to know what we’re deweing? Pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook (we post changes to our business hours here), and Instagram as well as on our website at (we post changes to our business hours here).

Happy stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew

Shining a Light on Greene

Hi Everyone,
Thank you to everyone who visited us during Spring Thing over the weekend. It was great to have an additional opportunity to visit with those customers who cannot visit us during the traditional work week.

This week we’re featuring patterns by Marie Greene, a designer located in the Pacific Northwest newly discovered by us (how we’ve missed her for this long, we’ve no idea). Miss Greene (Ravelry shop is Olive Knits) creates garments for the modern wardrobe, which marry the play of light with different stitch combinations. She is inspired by architecture, the Oregon coast, and desire to make garments fun and easy to wear.

River Light Tee
The River Light Tee is an exploration of light and texture – named for a lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. This tee is the perfect addition to a capsule wardrobe. With delicate sheen and drape, it can easily be dressed up or down. It’s knit top-down and seamless with a contiguous saddle shaped sleeve.

We love our multi-season fibers like Merino Bamboo – Fingering and our Sea Song – Fingering for this project.

Lotta Dress
Lotta is the hand-knit equivalent of your favorite linen dress – loose-fitting, easy-to-wear and comfortable enough for every day. Vertical lines on both the fronts, back and hem are created with twisted stitches.

The dress is knitted top down with the upper bodice worked flat, then joined in the round just after the sleeve divide. The front pleat is created by casting on stitches just after joining in the round.

This pattern calls for a sport weight yarn and would be beautiful in our SW Merino – Sport, with its tight plying and defined stitch definition. However, it is also possible to pull a fingering weight yarn like our Merino Bamboo – Fingering and a lace weight yarn like our Sea Song – Lace together, creating a beautiful, soft heathered fabric while also adding breathable fibers like rayon of bamboo, silk, and Sea Cell© to the mix.

Bateau Pullover
Bateau is a sleek, modern and flexible tee with boat neck shaping and a dramatic double cable offset on a landscape of reverse stockinette.

As several makers on Ravelry have observed, this tee is actually reversible giving the wearer options about both textures and which side of the body the pretty cable is displayed.

We like our Studio Sox, Studio Solo, Walkabout – Fingering, and Merino Bamboo – Fingering for this project.

Want to know what we’re deweing? Pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook (we post changes to our business hours here), and Instagram as well as on our website at (we post changes to our business hours here).

Happy stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew

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Spring Thing & Other Flings

Hi Everyone,
Doesn’t it sometimes seem as though our efforts to match new fibers with new projects is similar to a romantic fling? We fall in love (yarn or pattern). We bleed Kool Aid for it. We are a slave to all the details. We share it with everyone…sometimes TMI. We settle in for some pattern manipulation and textural conception. After completion, we light a cigarette drink a little wine or have coffee with friends, discuss all the challenges, and begin to look for our next fling.

Sound a bit sordid? Not to our ears. In an age where technology provides a sterile interface to many relationships, our families and friends are scattered to the winds of the earth, and our lives are so busy we set alarms to keep us on track…falling in love, even if its with yarn or fabric, and subsequently hanging out with fiber friends to discuss it, is quite simply wonderful. In the movie When Harry Met Sally a wise woman stated, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

This week we celebrate the Spring Thing, a new summer sweater pattern, and a new shawl idea for using our Bo Peeps (thanks, Boop). Prepare for that next fling; it may be just around the cursor corner.

Spring Thing
The Charlotte inner city yarn shops and studios are participating in an informal Spring Thing. We will be open May 18-20 in anticipation of this event. Visit our retail space to enjoy those great deals never seen online or to see, squeeze, and fondle our hand-dyed fibers–Black Sheep (experimentals), Bo Peeps (to pre-order), Color Play Station (DIY color play kits), and inventory reduction specials.

Bring a friend or three, hit all three locations (including Charlotte Yarn and Baskets of Yarn), have lunch, and make a day of it. Your friends can bear witness to the new romance in your life.

Jaycee Cardigan
Been looking for a lovely, light-weight Spring/Summer sweater to stay comfy in those overly cooled, air-conditioned areas that make us wish longingly for mukluks? We’ve found a perfect option in the Jaycee cardigan by designer Isabell Kraemer.

Stylishly worn open or buttoned, this sweet cardigan has just a bit of texture around the yoke and above the ribbing at the waist. It is also worked seamlessly from the top down. Short rows shape the neck and yoke until sleeve separation. Sleeve stitches are placed on hold, then the body is worked back and forth down to the hem. Button bands and neck finishing are worked next. Sleeves are worked in rounds top down to the cuffs last.

We recommend our Cotton Bamboo – Fingering (on sale now), Merino Bamboo – Fingering, Walkabout – Fingering, or even a Bo Peep (especially the lovely red-black copper tones of BP003) for this project.

South of Broad Shawl
We are excited to feature the South of Broad shawl by local designer, Liz Washburn.

This half hexagonal shawl pattern includes both written and charted instructions. The lace repeats are fairly simple–perfect for newbies to lace knitting. The unusual shape ensures it hugs the shoulders and doesn’t slip off as do many asymmetrical or rectangular shawls.

This wrap was named South of Broad for the romantic and historic section of Charleston, SC. Even when using a fiber containing wool, the fingering weight and selecting bright colors make it perfect for a warmer climate, such as that of Charleston. A Charleston romance is a “fiiiuhhhnnn” (that’s “fine” for non Southern speakers) romance.

Thank you Betty R. for bringing this gorgeous shawl by one of our local Yarnies to our attention AND for purchasing the Bo Peeps in which to make it. Like Betty, we love our Bo Peeps for this project as well as many of our other Studio Sox, Freckles, and Walkabout – Fingering color ways.

Bo Peeps – Not Just for Shawls
For those of you who think our Bo Peeps are just for cowls or shawls, let us assure you they are not.

While they are available in three fingering-weight fiber bases, they are also available in sport and light worsted weight yarns for those Yarnies that love a nice sweater or throw. Just make sure you get enough yarn for your entire project, because our Bo Peeps are lost to us after the 20th of each month.

Want to know what we’re deweing? Pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook (we post changes to our business hours here), and Instagram as well as on our website at (we post changes to our business hours here).

Happy stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew


We Filled Our Nest for Mother’s Day

Hi Everyone,
Just in time for Mother’s Day, take a gander at our new Bo Peeps. For our U.S. online shoppers, we will offer free shipping for Mother’s Day weekend. We have also added a Spring Thing to our schedule for May 18-20.

New Bo Peeps
This month’s Bo Peeps are about mothers in all their diversity. We selected an inspiration photo (shared with you last week) and dyed three colors to represent what we saw in the photo. The Black Copper Maran is BP003. The variegated containing all the colors is BP004. The Easter Egger which looks a bit like a robin’s egg is BP005.

These are not those sugar-coated, pallid colors often associated with Mother’s Day. These are strong, vivid hues representing strong, deep women. In 2018, we wanted to break the mold and be just a little better.

We love the following project options for these color ways (yardage requirements vary depending upon fiber base):
One-Skein Wonders: Antarktis, BitterBlue, Dawn to Dusk, Evaporate, HitchhikerLocal Yarn Shawl (small), Perhaps Perhaps, Rivercane, and Wildheart
Two-Skein Projects: Cameo, Ceciliana, Double Scoop, Holyrood, Laurelie, Local Yarn Shawl (large), Wild & Free, Yondah Window, and Zorzal
Three-Skein Projects: 3 Color Cashmere Shawl, All Points South, Exploration Station, Find Your Fade, Jujuy, Shawl B, and The Doodler

On-Line Mother’s Day Special
For all our on-line U.S. customers, we will offer free shipping from Friday, May 11 through end-of-day Sunday, May 13. Just use discount code LUVMOM18 at checkout. This discount is good for our hand-dyed yarns, yarn kits, needles, and accessories. [Please note: Discount does NOT include shipping for spinning and weaving equipment.]

Make the smart choice to give choice in your Mother’s Day gifting. We have The Fibre Studio Gift Card in denominations for any budget for all the moms in your life.

Spring Thing
The Charlotte inner city yarn shops and studios are participating in an informal Spring Thing. We will be open May 18-20 in anticipation of this event. Visit our retail space to enjoy those great deals never seen online or to get a “feel” for our fiber–Black Sheep (experimentals), Bo Peeps (to pre-order), Color Play Station (DIY color play kits), and inventory reduction specials.

Want to know what we’re deweing? Pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook (we post changes to our business hours here), and Instagram as well as on our website at (we post changes to our business hours here).

Happy stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew

Wassail, Ferns & Feathers

Hi Everyone!
We hope you’ve recovered from Snowmaggedon 2018 and are back to your most productive and creative selves. Via social media, we saw new projects cast on during THE winter storm of the century (until the next one, that is) and loved how makers in our greater fiber community got busy! We cast on a new project ourselves (more below).

A side effect of blogging is a greater awareness of all things trivia and how it is all somehow related. For instance, during the holidays and into the new year, “wassailing” is often mentioned. What exactly is wassailing? Like many, we thought wassailing was simply caroling with adult libations in hand and found, while that’s true, that’s not the whole fleece of it.

The word wassail comes from Old English /was hál/  related to the Anglo-Saxon greeting /wes þú hál/ meaning “be you hale” (i.e. “be healthful” or “be healthy”). It is a perfect salutation or toast for the new year. Wassail, y’all!

Wassail: The Beverage
Wassail is a hot, mulled punch often associated with Yuletide drunk from a “wassailing bowl.” The earliest versions were warmed mead into which roasted crab apples were dropped and burst to create a drink called “lambswool” (Whaaaat? See a great post on wassailing and beverages including those known as lambswool or “mutton and wool” here.) drunk on Lammas day, still known in Shakespeare’s time. Later, the drink evolved to become a mulled cider made with sugar, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, topped with slices of toast as sops and drunk from a large communal bowl.

Modern recipes begin with a base of wine, fruit juice or mulled ale, sometimes with brandy or sherry added. Apples or oranges are often added to the mix, and some recipes also call for beaten eggs to be tempered into the drink. Great bowls turned from wood, pottery or tin often had many handles for shared drinking and highly decorated lids; antique examples can still be found in traditional pubs. Hence the first stanza of the traditional carol the Gloucestershire Wassail dating back to the Middle Ages.

Wassail! wassail! all over the town,
Our toast it is white and our ale it is brown;
Our bowl it is made of the white maple tree;
With the wassailing bowl, we’ll drink unto thee.

Wassail: The Lambswool
Lamb’s whool or lambswool is a variety of wassail made from ale, baked apples, sugar and spices.

Next crowne the bowle full
With gentle Lambs whool,
Adde sugar, nutmeg, and ginger,
With store of ale too,
And thus ye must doe
To make the Wassaile a swinger.

Irish antiquarian Charles Vallancey proposed that the name “lambswool” was a corruption of the name of a pagan Irish festival, “Lamas Ubhal,” during which a similar drink was had. Alternatively, the name may derive from the drink’s similar appearance to the wool of lambs. (Sounds lip-smacking good, doesn’t it?!) Ale is occasionally replaced by ginger ale for children, especially around Halloween and New Year.

Wassailing: The Culture
In the cider-producing counties in the southwest of England (primarily Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire) or southeast England (Kent, Sussex, Essex and Suffolk), wassailing refers to a traditional ceremony that involves singing and drinking to the health of trees on Twelfth Night in the hopes that they might better thrive. The purpose of wassailing is to awaken the cider apple trees and to scare away evil spirits to ensure a good harvest of fruit in the Autumn.

The ceremonies of each wassail vary from village to village but they generally all have the same core (apples, anyone?) elements. A wassail King and Queen lead the song and/or a processional tune to be played/sung from one orchard to the next. The wassail Queen is then lifted into the boughs of the tree where she places toast soaked in wassail from the clayen cup as a gift to the tree spirits (and to show the fruits created the previous year). In some counties the youngest boy or “Tom Tit” (Where is little Johnny Appleseed when you need him?) will stand in for the Queen and hang the cider soaked toast in the tree. Then an incantation is usually recited.

Soo…enjoy your lambswool, your singing and caroling, and be hale and hearty with it all this new year.

Casting On: Fern & Feather Pullover
One of the recent projects we’ve cast on our needles during the recent winter storm is the Fern & Feather pullover by designer Jennifer Steingass. The pattern is one of five in ‘Lookbook #4: Puget Sound,’ which is part of the series, “By Hand: Making Communities.”

A top-down Icelandic-inspired stranded yoke sweater. This pullover is worked seamlessly from the top down, starting with a simple rolled neckline. The yoke is knit in stranded color work, then short row shaping is added to the back of the sweater to shape the shoulders and neckline. Gentle waist shaping makes for a flattering, feminine fit.

Debbie D cast on her Fern & Feather on a recent snow day. She is combining our new Fifty Shades of Gradient™ – deja vu in color way Lavender Fields with our SW Merino – Sport in color way Silver. Yes, she’s combining fingering- and sport-weight yarns in a stranded project. Other than being mindful of her tension during the stranding, the two can be easily-melded, and the incorporated gradient effect will be amazing. The sweet peaks of the ferns are already visible in her cast on.

Did YOU cast on any projects during Snowmaggedon? Did you wassail?

Want to know what we’re deweing? Pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook, and Instagram as well as on our website at

Peaceful stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew

Cyber Monday, A KAL & Other Newes

Hi Everyone!
We hope ewe had the most wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and shopping weekend ever. We have a few updates to share as we enter the busy holiday season.

Cyber Monday Sale
Whether you’re participating in the January Sweater KAL (see more below) or want to fill other large-project needs, our Cyber Monday Sale is STILL going strong! This is the perfect time to order that Walkabout – Fingering, Merino Bamboo – Fingering, and Patterns all on sale at 25% off until 11:59pm ET tonight. Use discount code CYBER17 at checkout.

Been waiting for the perfect time to stock up for a Find Your Fade or Starting Point Wrap?
This is it!

January Sweater KAL
The Fibre Studio is announcing a January Sweater Free-For-All Knit-Along. January is a great month to have a sturdy project warming your lap. We will gather during our first (Spinning) Saturday in January (the 6th) to cast on or pick up our project. We will continue for the next several Wednesdays (during Open Knit/Crochet) and into February. KAL Gathering Dates are: Jan 6, 10, 17, 24, 31 and Feb 3, 7 in total.

We’ve added a diverse selection of lovely sweater and cardigan patterns to our online shop. There is something for just about everyone. Top Row Below (L to R): HVIDE, Gretchen, and Donner. Bottom Row Below (L to R): Whippet (Long), AntlerFriday Anew, and VNeck Boxy.


Our most recent shop sample is the beautiful Granito, a pullover by Joji Locatelli, designed as part of her FAVORITE THINGS collection. Granito is a basic sweater with a relaxed fit and big pockets on the sides. It’s the perfect garment for lounging and relaxing. It’s worked seamlessly from the top down.

Our lovely shop sample was knit in our Merino Bamboo – Fingering yarn (on sale today) in color way Charcoal by the very talented Linda R. Our Granito will be displayed during the months of December and January for any of you who would like to take a closer look.

Have a previous favorite you never started or completed? Bring it and knit-along with us. We continue to love Hitofude, Chance of Showers, Juicy Gloss, Winter Wheat, and Tegna. One of our associates is even going to FINALLY begin her Easy Folded Poncho. There are no wrong choices and today’s Cyber Monday Sale makes buying the yarn and the pattern a “snap” and a bargain.

Spinning Saturday
Attention all spinners! Our last Sit & Spin Saturday of the year will be December 2. Bring your wheels, your roving (or find hand-dyed roving in our studio), a brown bag lunch, and your current projects to sit and spin with us on an on-going basis on the first Saturdays of the month. All skill levels welcome.

Holiday Potluck Luncheon
Help us celebrate the holidays by bringing a dish to share during our December 6 Holiday Potluck Luncheon, from 12-2pm following our Open Knit/Crochet group (10am-12pm).

The Fibre Studio will provide cups, plates, napkins, and cutlery; however, we ask participants to bring a dish to share as well as any serving ware, specialty items, and extension cords for any Instant Pots, slow cookers, or other electronic devices they may bring.

Should you be interested in attending, please RSVP to our Facebook Event Page so we have an approximate headcount. Thank you!

Dyeus Interruptus
Please Note: Our dyeing studio will temporarily hibernate after November 30. We will not take any new dyeing orders during the month of December as we sell existing inventory, restock supplies, update our website, and plan our holiday time with family. We will pick back up after the new year. Our retail space will still be open during regular business hours in December through the 22nd.

Want to know what we’re deweing? Pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook, and Instagram as well as on our website at

Peaceful stitching, shopping, and being with those you love, y’all!
The Ewe Crew

If It’s Free, It’s For Me!

Hi Everyone,
We realize much of our readership gets overwhelmed during the holiday season. We are all inundated with overlapping sales strategies (including our own), and much of the joy and true meaning behind the holidays is lost during the hustle and bustle of shopping and business.

We are so very grateful for our customers and social media followers as well as for the designers and makers in our greater fiber community. Therefore, we want to spend this week sharing the gifts they’ve offered to us all by featuring these FREE patterns, currently available on Ravelry.

Maori Shawl by Daria Sorokina
Maori is a classic top-down shawl knit in one piece. Patterning is on the right side rows only; wrong side rows are purled. Lace-weight fibers like our Sea Song – Lace or fingering-weight yarn like our Walkabout – Fingering are great options for this project. Gauge is not crucial so use needle size to obtain the desired lace effect. Here are some of our favorite Ravelry projects for you to view and enjoy.

Amorous Shawl by Katja Löffler
Unlike many of our featured patterns, this generously-sized shawl pattern is crochet (yayyy!) and is perfect for large-skeins of gradient yarns like our those 7-oz cakes in our Fifty Shades of Gradient™ line. Look at this selection of beautiful completed projects from Ravelry yarnies.

Ghost Ranch Cowl by Jessie Ksanznak
This cowl was inspired by the designer’s travels through the American southwest. She visited Santa Fe and fell in love with the Navajo woven fabric designs. Patterns (similar to those in the cowl), dramatic colors, and simple motifs adorned rugs, pillows, and clothing. This project uses slipped stitches and three contrasting colors to create a woven effect, and the pattern comes in three sizes. We think our Cashmere Silk – Fingering would be a luxe option for this cowl, but we love the silky radiance and three-season flexibility of our Sea Song – Fingering as well. Mixing and matching works too! Here are a few completed cowl projects for you to peruse.

Touchstone Shawl by Laura Aylor
Sometimes we need to just knit for the pure joy if it…to remember WHY we knit. The combination of simple eyelets and garter stitch in this shawl make it an easy public knit when with our friends. It’s an ideal project for most all fibers, including tonal, variegated, and gradient yarns. The Fibre Studio has a studio sample in Nantahala in our Fifty Shades of Gradient™ line, but this shawl can be enlarged by using SW Merino – Sport or can really be personalized by stash busting from your existing favorites. Here are some of the beauties found on Ravelry.

Black Sheep Are Ewes Too

The Fibre Studio has long struggled with how to identify our one-of-a-kind color ways or those 4-ounce skeins that broke during the winding process, which ended up being odd-sized skeins after we trim off the broken bits. We decided to name these unique offerings, Black Sheep. So the next time you’re in our studio, and you see our little lavender-faced ewe….there may just be a very special color, product, or price attached.

Want to know what we’re deweing? You can always pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook, and Instagram as well as on our website at

Happy and peaceful stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew

Sweaters ‘n Crawls, Y’all

Hi All,
It’s September, can you believe it? While it may take weeks for the leaves to change here in the Charlotte area, it’s really okay as we aren’t sweating the small stuff. Besides our Save the Knockers Campaign, which is in full swing, two things we are focused on this week are….sweater weather is almost upon us AND so is the Charlotte Area Yarn Crawl.

Sweater Weather is NOW!
If you’re in the mid-Atlantic or Southeast, you’re probably thinking, “It’s still 80F out there. It is NOT sweater weather.” You would be correct. [Unless you’re Heike N. who wears sweaters and three shawls throughout the year. Who wouldn’t, when she knits so beautifully. However, I digress.] How long does it actually take to make a sweater? For most makers, it takes several weeks so if you want to actually wear it during the fall and winter months, the time to begin making is NOW. That’s right…make those needles “Move Like Jagger.” Here are a few of our favorite sweater projects (click on photos for yarn recommendations) for making this sweater season the best EVAH. No U-G-L-Y holiday sweaters here!

Top Row (L to R): Juicy Gloss, Easy Folded Poncho, Hitofude
Bottom Row (L to R): Winter Wheat, Chance of Showers, Sunshine Coast

Charlotte Area Yarn Crawl
It’s coming very soon! The Charlotte Area Yarn Crawl is September 22-30, 2017. This year’s crawl has eleven participating area yarn shops and studios. There will be a LOT going on this yarn crawl including:

  • Treasure Map: Get maps stamped to be entered for a grand-prize;
  • MKAL Pattern: Each location will make available a part of the pattern to shoppers;
  • Swag Pins: Show your LYS support by purchasing a swag pin at each shop/studio;
  • Community Project: Learn about our Save the Knockers Campaign or plan to visit the Pink Lady Truck at one of the LYS; and
  • New Yarns & Colors: Many shops will offer new yarns or color ways during the crawl. The Fibre Studio has two new color ways in our Fifty Shades of Gradient™ line (as seen below) for the yarn crawl, and we are taking reservations (aka pre-orders) since we always run out the first couple of days. Don’t miss out…get yours now so it will be ready during the yarn crawl for pick up or for shipping.

Introducing the two newest color ways in our Fifty Shades of Gradient™ line:
Amsterdam (left), which evokes the rich hues of the international city of the same name–the vibrancy of the art scene, the water ways, and the colorful buildings; and
Joplin (right), which speaks to those colors found during Bonnie and Clyde 1930’s blazing trail through the midwest, including herringbone suits, fedoras, red brick general stores, and get-away cars.

Are YOU ready to gather your shopping bags and your yarnie friends and prepare to hunt for treasure?

For now, wishing you the very best Labor-less Day and happy stitching, y’all!

The Lola Sweater by Tante Sophie avait un chien/Ina Braun


Lola Sweater

The Lola Sweater

I received an email from a friend about this sweater.  It was listed in the top ten favs on Ravelry.  I love the lines and relaxed/unconstructed look of it.  I think it will be a perfect match for some of our hand dyed tonal yarns.  I think the pattern calls for a lace weight, but I will be using our Merino Bamboo for mine which is a light fingering.

The Lola pattern will be released on July 1, 2014 for $10.00; however, if you purchase before that date, you will receive a discount (price of pattern will increase $1 per day until it is released).

The Fibre Studio will offer a KAL for “Lola” during July and August.  Check our calendar for dates.