April Showers

We have so much news to share this month that we don’t quite know where to begin!  New colors, new yarns, new KAL, new patterns, new location, new job opportunities and so much more!

Yarn of the Month:  Studio Smitten

This month we are hi-lighting our luxurious Studio Smitten, which clearly has us quite “smitten”, and is another wonderful fingering yarn.  It is a squishy, three-ply yarn with exquisite hand and stitch definition.  It is available in undyed, tonal, variegated, or color washes.  The fiber content is 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, and 10% Silk.  Each 3.5 oz./100 g skein contains approximately 400 yards. 

We are delighted to share some of our new Spring Colors inspired by all that is bursting out in blooms around us.  From Fiddlehead to Buttercup, Celery Leaf, Ranunculus and more; our new colors will inspire both hand and eye.  We have chosen this yarn to help you embark on this month’s MKAL, read on for more details on how you can try your own hand with this sumptuous yarn.



We have put together some color kits for the upcoming MKAL by Marie Amelie Designs.  We have chosen our Yarn of the Month, Studio Smitten, for these color kits in the hopes they will inspire you as you travel down this spice road with her!  The Myristica Mystery Shawl will embark on a wonderful journey full of spices, colors and stitches.  You will make five different stopovers along the Spice Route.  There will be a new destination each week.  The first stop will begin with Pepper on April 2.  The week after; Saffron, followed by Ginger, Cinnamon and finally, Nutmeg, concluding the journey on April 30.

I have a few clues regarding the MKAL.  It is a crescent shaped shawl, knit using a US #5 needle, on fingering weight yarn.  You will need two skeins of the Main Color and one skein of the Contrasting Color.  There is a section which is worked using two color brioche.  The MKAL begin April 2 and concludes on April 30, 2019.

Click here to see come color options. 



We are delighted that Casapinka will release a new Local Yarn Shop Pattern that uses three colors.  I have chosen three new colors inspired by our recent travels to Scotland: they are (left) Lothian, (top) Loch Ness and (bottom) Loch Lomond.  We will have more Scotland inspired colors coming later this month.  The pattern will be release on Local Yarn Shop Day, which is Saturday, April 27.  This shawl will use a US # 5 needle and calls for three colors of a fingering weight yarn.



The Fibre Studio is proud to participate in this year’s Loch Norman Games.  We are delighted to be a part of this ever-growing, fun, local event.  Click link for more information on the festivities and how you can attend.



As we move through 2019 we continue to add a new birthstone color.  Our Bo Peeps are new color ways, for which we will take pre-order sales only.  We take these orders from the first week of the month through the 20th, we then dye and skein the orders as they are received.  They are then shipped out at or around the first of the following month.

We are proud to share “Diamond” as our April Gemstone.  We are sure it will be a favorite.

Pre-Order yours now Diamond.




We continue to celebrate the Wizard of Oz’s 80th Anniversary throughout 2019 by offering a new monthly colorway representing a pivotal character or scene from this wonderful movie.  This month’s inspiration is “Glinda of the North,” our beloved good witch.   When brainstorming how to create a yarn that would be lovely enough and magical enough to represent this glowing memory we all carry in our hearts and minds of Glinda, we knew that we did not currently have anything in our “yarn bag” that would meet the call.  We knew that we had to find and bring in a new yarn, and so the search began.  We found it!

We will debut Starlight this month, beginning with our colorway, “Glinda.”  It will be dyed in an iridescent, dreamy soft pink, as lofty, shimmering and glowy as our own memories of “Glinda” on the screen.  We absolutely feel in love with the opulence of this yarn.  It contains 63% Cultivated Silk, 23% Kid Mohair and 10% Nylon.  Each 100g skein contains approximately 385 yards.  We will be introducing new colors in the upcoming months, beginning with Spring and Summer pastels and in Autumn and Winter, rich jeweled tones.

We are currently developing our newest pattern, The Starlite Cozy, which is knit using a US #8 needle and will be released later this month. This Cozy is a dreamy shawl/cowl that can drape gently over the shoulders or can be gathered up around the neck as a lovely cowl.

This beautiful yarn has been dyed in limited quantities, and is now ready for purchase and knitting.  We feel certain that you too will love this latest addition to the Club colorways.  There are still limited quantities of There’s A Storm Brewin (March) available if you missed out.


We are very sad to say goodbye to our Anne Z, Martha B and Darci M.   We celebrate their new opportunities and adventures, but we will be left with several big shoes to fill at the Fibre Studio.  We are looking for new Ewe Crew members.   We have a Friday Retail Position (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.).  This person would also, when customers are not in house, help with processing yarn to get it ready to bring to our customers.  There is also a flex hour position.  This person would help with yarn processing.   We are a tough crew that spend hours on our feet.  We do some heavy lifting and spend the majority of our days hard at work dyeing,  drying, winding, labeling and shipping the beautiful yarns that we create.  We certainly consider ourselves a hearty crew and family at The Fibre Studio.  We look forward to talking to potential new members that may want to join the team.  Please contact Debbie through FibreStudio@att.net if you think you might be interested.


We are excited to share that later this month the Fibre Studio will be moving just down the lane to 540 Griffith Road. It’s an exciting move to a bright, climate-controlled space.  We look forward to dyeing new treasures there and also seeing our locals at our Wednesday Open Knit (10 a.m. to noon) and at our Knitting and Giving Open Knit on Wednesdays and Thursdays from (noon until 2 p.m.).  What a great month!

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