Myristica by Marie Amelie Designs


Recently, while in Edinburgh, Scotland, I heard about an upcoming MKAL by Marie Amelie Designs.  She is about to embark on a wonderful journey full of spices, colors  and stitches.  You will make five different stopovers along the Spice Route.  There will be a new destination each week.  The first stop will begin with Pepper on April 2.  The week after;  Saffron, followed by Ginger, Cinnamon and finally Nutmeg concluding the journey on April 30.

I have a few clues regarding the MKAL.  It is a crescent shaped shawl, knit using a US #5 needle on fingering weight yarn.  You will need two skeins of the Main Color and one skein of the Contrasting Color.  There is a section which is worked using two color brioche.  The MKAL begins April 2 and concludes April 30, 2019.

If you purchase your pattern before April 2, you will received a 30% discount, just use coupon code MKAL.

We have put together kits of various color combinations using our Studio Smitten.  Each 100g skein is 80% SW Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Nylon with approximately 400 yards.  This yarn has a wonderful hand, lovely drape and great stitch definition.  Click here to begin your journey.



Gems for All

Hi Everyone,
We are excited to share with you lots of new–colors, kits, and projects. This week we are showcasing our family crown jewels in such an array of colors, we hear Meg may be back in the States reconnoitering for the Queen.

Crown jEWEls
The Fibre Studio has created these dynamic, 12-color kits for designer Casapinka’s The Crown Wools MKAL, which will begin July 19, 2018.

Each of our Crown jEWEls kits contains twelve, 1-ounce skeins of our SW Merino – Fingering base, which are approximately 140 yards each (~1,680 yards total in kit).

We are currently taking pre-orders for six color ways including Cherokee, Eastwick, Nouveau Rainbow, River Rock, Seaside, and Tourmaline. With these color options, everyone can be crowned a prince(ss)!

Not into mystery KALs? Perhaps you are more in tune with your….

Linear Moods
This large cushy wrap, by designer Xandy Peters, uses contrasting gradient yarns to create a stunning visual effect. Stripes provide color contrast; shaping bends the stripes into a chevron shape; and the addition of short rows changes the width of each stripe.

As the stripes cross the center line, the proportion of colors reverses from thick to thin and back again. Picking the colors for Linear Moods is a lot of fun. Makers can choose harmonious hues for a subtle look or pick wildly contrasting tones for a statement piece.

The Fibre Studio has amazing gradient options to create this lovely shawl. The maker can use one small (4 oz) and one large (7 oz) Fifty Shades of Gradient™ cake to construct this shawl. Another option is to use one small (4 oz) cake of Fifty Shades of Gradient™ with one 6-ounce Color Play Kit. As the designer noted, selecting ombré hues can produce a sutble look while using gradients that vary in actual colors can create an art piece. Here are some ideas showcasing three combo options in each grouping.

Top Left: Two gradient cakes in Black to the Fuchsia and Business Suit OR either of those gradient cakes with the Fuchsia color play kit.
Top Right: Two gradient cakes in Mallard and Juniper OR either of those gradient cakes with Undertow color play kit.
Below Left: Two gradient cakes in Dark Meadow and Latte OR either of those gradient cakes with Cherokee color play kit.
Below Right: Two gradient cakes in Mountain Thistle and Purpleicious OR either of those gradient cakes with Mountain Thistle color play kit.
The possibilities are always “to infinity and beyond” here at The Fibre Studio.

Want to know what we’re deweing? Pop in to see our studio wörks on Ravelry, Facebook (we post changes to our business hours here), and Instagram as well as on our website at (we post changes to our business hours here).

Happy stitching, y’all!
The Ewe Crew

Starting Point Wrap MKAL by Joji Locatelli

The Fibre Studio has put together Starting Point Wrap MKAL Kits for Joji Locatelli’s new Starting Point Wrap MKAL. Each kit contains five full-size skeins of Walkabout – Fingering, a 3-ply light fingering yarn with lovely stitch definition. Each skein weighs 4.0 oz | 113 g with approximately 490 yards of 100% SW Merino goodness. Our color kits (as pictured in grouped image) are: Cherokee (top left), Black to the Fuchsia (top center), Meteor (top right), Azure (bottom left), Mountaineer (bottom center), and Darkside of the Rainbow (bottom right).

The kit does not contain the pattern, which must currently be purchased via the designer’s Ravelry page.

From designer Joji Locatelli’s Ravelry Project Page:

Welcome to another rare mystery knit-along adventure with Joji. In the quest to knit this beautiful wrap (stole), we will have fun unveiling each clue while playing with color and texture. I wouldn’t want to make any knitter disappointed with the finished outcome, but the point of a Mystery Knit Along is not knowing what you’ll be making, there’s always that risk. Therefore, here are some facts about the wrap that will help you decide if you will like to embark on this project:

  • The shape is a true rectangle. This wrap can be worn as a wrap, blanket scarf or even as a blanket.
  • Approx. measurements are 26½ x 72” (66 x 180 cm) blocked.
  • It has a graphic look, but it is still classic.
  • You will need yarn in 5 colors and you will use up a lot of your yarn, so you need full skeins.
  • The total approx. yardage is 1700 yards (1555 m). It is a BIG wrap. Please be aware of this.
  • There will be 5 different clues, spread out over 5 weeks.
  • It is good for all levels. There will be TV knitting and more engaged knitting. You will sure have fun.
  • There is no brioche involved. There are no short rows either.
  • There is a little bit of simple lace, about 10% of the total project.
  • There is a lot of garter stitch.

We will be using 2 hashtags in social media: #jojimysterywrap and #startingpointmkal.

There are 5 clues to be revealed and they will be delivered weekly as follows:
clue 1 – May 12
clue 2 – May 19
clue 3 – May 26
clue 4 – June 2
clue 5 – June 9

Makers can find additional information on Joji Locatelli’s Ravelry Project Page.